Raya? Born again?

Sitting in this empty room, browsing my Facebook account, reading all the comments made by all my friends, there are too many of them wishing me Happy Birthday. I look back to my 24 years of achievement, struggling with giggles and pain, joy and pain with own path, life is gift. When I was a kid, I laid down at my grandmother lap, I ask her, ‘Nik, syok ka jadi orang tua?’ as ‘Granma, is it fun to be an old person?’, she told me, it depends on how you want your life to be, if you choose to be a successful person, you must be ready with all the pain and suffered all the obstacle that come upon you. From the point of time, I asked myself, I want to be a successful woman, no matter how hard the life could be.

And now I step to 24 years of my life, I have my first love; I have lost the most important person in my life too. There are several parts in my life parts in my life that I need to maintain. They are my Family, my Love of my life, my Health, the Career, and Friends. Family is the most important part in my life, without them, I could not have faith in Him, I would never have the chance of learning to be a good person. Then my boyfriend came, the most hurtful yet challenging phase in my life. How I wish to love and to be love is easy. I learn about trust, loyalty, honesty and frustration too. And to maintain a long relationship is the hardest part because human bound to fall in love again and again. But, that’s love I guess. In order to maintain these two, I cannot run away from getting sick and cured up. Even I’m not too worried about my health, I will try not to get sick as well. As an adult, we have learnt what should we be during studying times, and a job is a must for me. Unless, you find someone who can hired you for shopping and living. Someone say, the best ship is friendship, but I do learn that the Titanic ship sink, so, it is normal if friends come and go. However, I want my friend to know that I really cherish friendship, no matter who they are, how they judge life, how bad they are. Friends will remain friends forever. I prefer peaceful and harmony life.

My wish for 24 years achievement, hope all my family and friends have a good life, wealthier and enjoy life as it is. Since today is the first day of Raya, to all my Muslims family and friends, wish you all happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from all of you. Thank you so much! Please forgive me if I had hurt your feeling, I’m a human as well. Nothing special about me but I will try my best to keep the best for you. *hugs*


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