I hate Mr.Anger

Dear God, I’m really tired of answering all these questions.

a) What should I do? – like thousand times?
b) Which one best? – like thousand times?
c) What’s wrong with you? – like thousand times I’m wrong?

*sigh* How I wish he is here, and I can share with him right away. You know my dad right? Is he with you now? Please tell him that I missed him a lot. And I will try my best to capture the sun today and talk to him. I missed the sun that brings hope for tomorrow.

I really hate to deal with people who have problem with their Anger. I’m tired and tired and almost died with it. Yesterday God sent me Mr.Cheerful yet overact, Today, God send me Mr.Loyal yet have anger management issue, will God send me Mr.Smile and full of happiness? I just hope God will lead the way, and time will heal. I love you God. Please make them more understanding and cold down the anger within their heart. I will sacrifice myself and give myself to you.


p/s: Happy anniversary dear.. we are officially 4 years now.. 🙂

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