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Nickname: Girl..Vera..Lyen..Gee..

Age: 24

Birthday: 19/09/1985

School: SPM, Teknik Likas 2002..

Height: 164 cm

Blood type: O positive..

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: Photography, Blogging and Laughing..

Personality: Loud and emotionally abuse.. haha.. dunno.. u say it..

When you’re the happiest: When someone happy..

Your biggest complaint currently: Damn busy.. i have no time to spend with Him.. and he will bla bla bla with me again.. hehe.. but he never let me down though.. i love u dear..

What you wear when you sleep: Anything that not tight.. must wear something at least..

A hairstyle you like on the opposite gender: Baldy.. i always like baldy~ 😀

Ideal girl/boy: He is the one.. he is the most understanding guy.. even there is some part that I can’t stand about him.. He has been the most patient, sweet, loyal and always give me strength to live on..

Habits: Taking pictures

Favorite fruit: Dragon fruit & Bambangan

Favorite vegetable: Baby kailan~

Guy celebrities you think are good looking: Harith Iskandar.. I like his baldy head and his sense of humor~

Girl celebrities you think are pretty: Jessica Alba

A treasured possession: Walking on the street with him under a small umbrella.. 🙂

Numbers you like: 9

Things that stress you: Time and money

My bad qualities: Stress management..

Your mood right now: Slightly not good.. but still smiling..

What you want to do right now: Be in his arms.. I feel safe with him..

A kid you like: Wewe

Food you like: Sweet & Sour fish~ 😀

Food you don’t like: Depends on how they prepare the food..

Shoe size: 8-9

Drinking capacity: Average

Cigarette: Anti-smoke supporter.. say no to smoke~

A movie that made you sad: Heart

A childhood dream: To have my own kids with a good husband.. yay~

Motto: Nobody’s perfect but our flaws can be an advantage~

Bedtime: Anytime

Your future hope: Still healthy and own a great body with a good family home~

Do you think you’re the type that laughs easily: Yes! Even by looking at someone face.. yerr..

Something you cook well: Mostly chicken and pork dishes.. hehe..

Where do you live right now?: House? Telipok.

An event that remains in your memory: Cinta Itu buta..

What you say often: Yerr…

Have you ever gone out of country: Yes.. only to Singapore..

First kiss: Yes.. *wink*

If you did, where: Melaka, bandar bersejarah~

When you see a girl/boy, where do you look first: Their eyes..

If you suddenly got million dollars: Traveling~ 😀

A drama that you had fun watching?: Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin 😀

A movie you had fun watching?: Gi Joe~

Eyesight: Ok la~

stress management methods: Smile and I dunno.. everytime I stress.. he will called me up.. that what we called we got chemistry.. i guess.. that’s why I love him~ He never make me so much worry..

What you want to learn: How to love a person with all my heart without hurting other people feeling..

What you want to do: Sleep..

If your girlfriend/boyfriend was dying: I hope I die before him.. I’m not so strong in terms of someone dying..

When do you feel like you hate yourself: Doing one job that ended useless..

About relationships before marriage: it is important to know someone before getting married..

Lifestyle principle: Be humble, keep up the good work and never underestimate other people..

Weather that I like: Cozy and warm~

When is your TV time: When I have nothing to do and the internet is down..

Precious friends: Jacqulyn Oris~ 😉

Life is?: Difficult.

Favorite drink: Kopi Teh susu~

Favorite cookies: Almond nuts~

If you break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you would go: Seek him and look for solution..

A teacher you respect: All of them..

Introduce your family: Mom & Brothers.

Happiness is: enjoy the day together with your love one without any phone calls from the office.

A birthday present that you remember most: surprise celebration with my dear, nessa and her bunga at anjung senja.. and when they start sing happy birthday song.. everyone near us start sings too~ yerrr.. bikin malu.. but I really enjoyed the moment..

Favorite animal(s): Cats & Fish

Favorite plant: Durian

Favorite season: Christmas

About antis: katakan tak nak..

If you had to choose between love or friendship: No love without friendship..

If the world was to come to an end tomorrow: Ask forgiveness from my family and all who close to me..

Singing skills: I’m not sure.. haha..

Dancing skills: Very poor..

Your theme song: Aku Sayang Padamu – Atiek

Favorite fruit tree: Rambutan..

What do you feel about relationships where a girl is older than the boy: Fantastic~

If you were to die tomorrow: A ring from him a kiss that may last forever..

When do you want to marry: Next year perhaps?

Yourself 20 years later: Retired from my current job and doing a family business..

A country you want to see the most: New Zealand

E-mail: girllyen at yahoo dot com

What you want to say to those who read this: Thanks for reading and sorry for wasting your time.. 😀

If you had a trait you want to fix: my menstrual period to be normal..

Last word: Don’t love other people if you can’t love yourself..

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