Sleeping Disorder

What is sleeping disorder? Sleeping disorder if I made a direct translation into malay words, it will be sound like – Tidur yang tidak teratur – means sleeping without follow the right of a human should take. Like 8 hours in a day. Some beauty consultant says, to maintain beauty, we must have enough sleep. Not lack and not too much also. I believe, I am not the only person who facing this problem. Guess most of you also have the same problem or habit like me. Well, this is what Stress like the most, not enough rest will lead you to stress.

I’m a person who likes to do the thinking when I am not talking. For instance, when I do the chores, I can think 5 other task in my mind while doing it, in the same time I might though about doing 5 job in 1 time which is impossible for me sometime, like, eating+bathing+jogging+sweeping the floor+playing dota, can we do that? No isn’t it? I can be nuts! I bet u also the same. :p Too much thinking. Stop it!

I was sick for a week and my whole body weak with tonnes of unnecessary aching. Seek the doctor and get some medicine and I feel better on Thursday. Hope it because of the medicine that the doctor gave to me. Else, probably because I will never get better and didn’t get the chance to go Ranau and lively see the winner of the Internation Climbathon which held on 23-24th of October 2009. So, what’s wrong with sleeping disorder anyway? Hahahaha.. Actually it’s about the things that I’ve done after I get well.

23rd October 2009

0600 hrs.
I wake early in the morning. Even I wake early, my mind thought of going back from the office already. After reach the office, I just can’t wait to go home. My ex-lecturer (Jane) sms me, asking whether I’m free tonight to watch the launching of the new album of our local band namely Devine Master who has founded by Lotter Edwin the winner of Akademi Fantasi series 4. It was in D’Junction start 9pm. I told her that I could not make it because I had to wake up early as 4am the next morning to catch with my Pixelayerions buddy. I though of getting enough rest so I could catch up the early waking thing the next day. Surprisingly, my colleague (Jessie & Zul) really look into Lotter, they asked me to join them and willing to fetch me up so I can sleep while they driving. Since they said, it won’t be long, I agree and get home at 7pm from the office , rushing get clean and walk into their car 7.30pm.
2000 hrs.
Drop at Salim Restaurant at Lintas, fill up my stomach with Roti Nan with Tandori Chicken and a glass of teh tarik halia, heading D’Junction after that. Upon reaching D’Junction, not too crowded, just okay. Bobby also joined us that night after kick off their badminton match before it, so Jc & Zul have one more friend to finish a tower of tiger beer. I order 1 glass of orange juice and 1 mineral water as I don’t drink beer and I still have some antibiotics to finish.
2100 hrs.
The DJ was playing their parts while waiting the Devine Master to come out. The 3L of beer is halfway consume by them. My orange juice was finish and I slowly drink the mineral water while looking at them. About 30 mins waiting, at last the band shows up. It seems that every gig or small event like this didn’t start on time.
2200 hrs.
Jane approach Bobby to come to their table, while I was busy taking pictures of Devine Master performing. He asked us to move to their (Jane) table, so we make a move and get to know everybody in the table. Most of them are Bobby’s friends and glad they are comfortable with us.
2300 hrs.
It’s quite late for me, but I don’t want to spoil their nights. So I sit at the corner and watch Devine Master playing, and took some pictures with them too. Everybody was happy and I’m glad that everybody did enjoy the show. During this hour, Din suddenly show up, and the table be more merrier with his appearance. I sit next to him because I think that the rest was slightly drunk and I just look at them and make sure they still okay and not up to the point – collapse.

24 October 2009

0100 hrs.
They were finishing their last sip of beer and I told them that we should go now. Zul was hang over and I don’t think he fit enough to drive and since I’m the only alcohol free, I choose to drive their car. Glad we in 1 car only. We drop at Daily, Foh Sang to cool down the ‘hang over people’ and I try to be patient on Zul, because he keep asking am I okay or not. After I parked the car, Zul let his head out and try to vomit and he make me thinking, why he keep asking am I okay or not.
0230 hrs.
Leaving Daily, after a several times reminding them that I have to go to Ranau at 4am. I drive home with them resting inside it. A bit sleepy but rather than I risk myself and their by asking them to drive (even they insist to) I will never let Zul drive the car. Suffering of listening to his i-can-drive-even-i’m-drunk, i-know-this-road, i’m-not-drunk statement. I reach home safely.
0310 hrs.
Packing my things and hope to get at least 1 hour sleep but I could not make it. Making our sandwiches for the morning trips then get ready all the should and should not bring things. The hours run so fast and I felt that Merl was driving too fast to fetch me too.
0500 hrs.
Running towards Merl’s car, sweating all over me, although I just had my shower for the early morning. My head a bit dizzy but what should I do. Try to sleep during the trip to Ranau, but maybe because of the space and uncomfortable leg position, I can’t take a short nap.
0630 hrs.
We drop at Kalangadan to snap some picture and take a really deep breath of Kinabalu view. I really think of sleeping by this time.
0700 hrs.
Reach Kinabalu Park and walking up to the finish line of the Climbathon race. I just can’t stop yawning and I could sleep anywhere. I try to keep myself awake. My vision was very poor at this point of time. I try not to get lost because I’m afraid I could not find them after all.
0900 hrs.
Olumis offer us by having bfast at the cafeteria courtesy of Sutera Harbour, we have our bfast and still trying to make myself awake. My head was heavy and I think all the pictures I snap was out of focus and over expose.
1100 hrs.
Off to Ranau. They decide to sit at the back of Merl’s car, I wish to but I told them I don’t want. It was sunny, although it’s cold out there, I choose to sit inside the car. Since everybody sitting at the back, and left me and Merl inside the car, I sat next to him and did fall asleep bout 30mins I guess. After reach Ranau town, we stop at 1 restaurant sort of like malay food court and order some drinks and food. Then heading to Pesta Durian, but tinggal yang mahal lagi..
1330 hrs.
Went to Lohan, Vick can’t help of durians, hahaha.. So we went to Lohan and they did enjoy Durian Tembaga. Amuzo, Isaac (Greg’s son) and I sat together at the other table as we did not eat durian. I do love durians but I don’t dare to take it with my antibiotics in me. 😀
1400 hrs.
Heading Pesta Kubis, I didn’t get the chance to take a nap because I was worry about what will we have for our dinner. I sms Kuai and suggest what if we cook Sup Gorouk with lots of ginger. She agree and we went to look for the ingredient at around Kundasang market.
1530 hrs.
Reach Mesilau, put all my things in the room. Clean up the ginger that we bought in the market just now, and clean up the chicken. Kuai clean up the winter melon and help with the cooking. The water was so damn cold and the my eyes really look like a dead woman.
1630 hrs.
Take my shower and look if there anything I could do in the kitchen or help the guys, since nothing to do, I ask permission to sleep. I lay on the bed and then I don’t remember what happen.
1830 hrs.
Kuai wake me up and told me the dinner is ready. I wake with the blurry face and look myself on the mirror.. Wuu.. my eyes look terrible but I pretend that I’m okay. Hahaha. At least I don’t think anything about work. After dinner, we watch this movie “He is not into you” but I could not finish to watch with them so I go to bed.
2200 hrs.
I sleep. At last. I wish not to do it again. This is not my first time but I have learn my lesson. I will make sure I have enough rest.

*Will continue again the story of the good and warm weekend.. 🙂

2 Comments on “Sleeping Disorder

  1. ging ko nda tdur for like 24 hours? aiyopoo…. sakit kepala ko nanti tu… not today tapi nanti2 tu…

    ps: sa pun pernah bah nda tdur satu hari satu mlm..gara2 buat assgnment hehe

  2. nasib ko nda pingsan girl… huhu.. kali kalo sa, sa tidur dlm keta ja.. sajuk nogi tuh.. huhu..

    len kali kita buat juga nda tidur sampai sunrise.. tpi siang kita tidur la.. lol

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