Love our nature..

Fly high

I’m clearing up my emails today and found some old email where I neglected and found some information that I felt it is good if I share here.. even I’m not very concern at the first place, but it is useful for all of us after reading it again and again. Maybe we intend to see this kind of messages, however, it’s not wrong if we remind ourselves right? πŸ˜‰ Have a good day and wealthier day ahead~ 2010 is near.. Most of you I believe that plan for travel dates, some weddings, but I have not seen any plan to improve on their religion side except those who are religious. Let’s put a little prayer in our incoming 2010 and pray for those who lost their love ones, especially the case of Pulau Banggi, or even the last Tsunami victim and hope for a better future. I know, everyone is concern about their health and wealth nowadays, but less people care about what they did to the environment. Take care our environment. πŸ™‚

Health important tips:-

Answer the phone by LEFT ear
Do not drink coffee TWICE a day
Do not take pills with COLD water
Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm
Reduce the amount of TEA you consume
Reduce the amount of OILY food you consume
Drink more WATER in the morning, less at night
Keep your distance from hand phone CHARGERS
Do not use headphones/earphone for LONG period of time
Best sleeping time is from 10pm at night to 6am in the morning
Do not LIE down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping
When battery is down to the LAST grid/bar, do not answer the phone as the radiation is 1000 times

The sea

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