Chuckles For You :D

It has been so very long time I didn’t update my precious blog. *chuckles* Well, despite of being busy and doing report and photography, I actually did enjoy my last Christmas and very grateful to have such a loving family and my fiancée with me. Life after engagement is a good thing, because I learn the naked truth of give and take, respect and listen. Wise on spending and live on.

New toy
*my new toy*

So, what’s the story behind all the busy moment? On 16th December 2009, the Pixelayer is covering Nexus Karambunai Staff’s annual dinner for the first time. Thank you to Suraya and all the staff of Nexus Karambunai, it was fun and we did till the last drop of our battery.

Anime Fest
Their theme was “Anime Fest”

The gorgeous emcee and Suraya~

The best dress man

Frog princess
The best dress woman

Then on the 18th December 2009, it was holiday and the plan is going out with Jessie to make our uniform but unfortunately my car broke down in front of Warisan Square. It was jammed heavily and I made the jam even worst. Please accept my apology if you were there. Thanks to the taxi driver who I didn’t get the chance to know their names, Ryan for checking me out and Bobby to help me on searching available workshop during the day. It was so tiring but I still manage to fetch Sebastian & Kuai and heading to Ondu crib in Luyang Perdana for the Advance Christmas gathering.

That’s Kuai.. 😉

The carols~

Christmas Gift is a must! 🙂

I worked on 19th December 2009, so no pictures taken during the day. More updates coming 😉

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