Yam Seng!

It’s a traditional way of a wedding~ I went to Magdonny & Liza wedding last Saturday, 9th January 2010. I should be going to Babagon to beat all the mosquitoes and watch the wet people with the hentai hero and his subordinates. As people says, no money no talk, no car how to go? So, I follow what my mom plans. I get ready while sms-ing the hentai subordinates that I’m not going and will try going which I think that I’m a young and hopeless. While driving heading to the wedding reception at KDCA, the young girl who owns the voice of seductive girls in one of the hentai hero collection call me, ask direction of the best & cheapest food she ever visited which I brought her before. Instead of showing direction, I ask them whether they want to join us for free food? After agreed, we heading the food for life and enjoy the yam cha and grandma’s talk!
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I guess they all forget about the hentai as my grandma talks more powerful than it. We left the wedding to give way the late guests to see the bride and groom and drop at 1Borneo hypermall for another yam seng. I mean, Yam Cha. We have, I do not want to talk about food this time as my clock shows 02:24 AM in the morning. I should go to bed now but before that, try to say the bag color below, if you accidentally read the words, my advice is, take a rest, stop FaceBooking, because you are officially stress. 🙂

What color are you?
The guy is one of the hentai hero subordinates.

Good night everyone, the mad cow should be sleeping by now.

My blog stories
I mean, the cow need to sleep. I will be mad if I’m still blogging now.

3 Comments on “Yam Seng!

  1. oooo ini la pula yg sms jam 3 pagi tu nda dpt tidur. sa suda o'oi la yo.

    adeii.. hentai hero… *geleng kepala*.. terpaksa la mo design 5 action figure hentai heroes ni.

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