Somebody is looking over my photos

MV Doulos

I never knew that my collections of photos did grab attention to one of my friend’s wife. They approach and ask about the price of the photos, I don’t trade but since they like it, finally I sold with 1 printed copy each with their own frame. I am so grateful and million of thanks to DJ Langau as well. I felt appreciation. But, Nikon-san might need to visit the doctor soon. Might missed out from some of the event lately but don’t worry, Samsung-san did help me on many things as well.

Star Ship?

5 Comments on “Somebody is looking over my photos

  1. did u just sold the photo or did u also sold the copyright?

    afaik, once u sold the photos/copyright, you cannot publish the photos anymore.

    bukan si mell nih,

    word verication: letta
    “letta go get some foods”
    “letta go take a-photo”

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