The truth of life!

As always, I have problem with Sleeping. Ever since I learn about being a woman is slightly complicated, I had to do the thinking more often and sometime it takes my sleeping time to think! Some girls ask me, “apa juga bah ko fikir ni sampai tidak boleh tidur saja”? At the point of time, they made me to think again. I’m not into questions with questions. My fiancee always did that to me though, probably God want me to rid off the hatred of “hearing a questions with a questions answer line”. I’m a type of a woman who easily get irritate when I ask, the person answer me with a question mark as well. Like, why woman want to be beautiful? Then I get the answer like this, you do not want to be beautiful meh? Make sense isn’t it, but if the same type of answer. I will shut my mouth and let them decide everything. It was stressful! And stress is my trouble. I do not like stress. I do not like people talk to me again and again in 5 minutes. For instance, “ko sudah makan?” then 1 minute later, ask the same question again? Please. I love being simple. I do not like been insisted and I prefer not to insist whatsoever situation neither. I like attitude like, if you really want it, do it right and make it right. Never do it if have doubt on it, u may try but try and be successful. You may ask around if you don’t know but if you intend to forget within a short time, you in a big trouble — lack of focus and lower the confidence. Life teach us to decide what we want it to be. Do u know what is the message here? I need to sleep, but I guess I’m not use to sleep on a flat bed with cement wall around me. I prefer wood, my room, our family house. I miss home. Out of no where, I’m missing him.


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