Am I Complicated?

I read through people blogs, and some of their posting were quite good. Neat and systematically I enjoy reading it like the step-by-step method. Is it because I’m not good in literature or physically not born with it? Or, I question myself too much where I’m not suppose to ask so much question and make it other people confused with myself? (Whereby, I did ask a lot of question already) Or maybe I’m a technical person? Urgh. My better half often ask me to be ‘ayu²’ kind of thing, and I guess I disappoints him several times with my roaring laugh. I laugh worse than a monkey, better than a pig but I never felt I laugh in good manner. Other thing, I walk like a green monster with a nice butt. How am I going to walk like a cat with a body like a giant ogre? NO way. Sigh. I need therapy right now. Sauna? SPA? Free stuff? Thank you?

8 Comments on “Am I Complicated?

  1. wakakakaka… napa post ko ni mcm ngam utk saya??!

    at least, sa rasa bukan kita ja perempuan yang ganas/kasar neh.. huhu.. sa takanan bila kana suruh jadi 'perempuan' time photoshot baju di Cahaya tuari.. but i think we r special.. hehe

  2. thats who you are. so, tia paya mo susah2 jadi ayu kalau mmg tida buli…nanti tambah tidak ayu tu kan…hehehe

  3. btul kata-kata si Pat, jan risau sumua urang special dan unik bah … ada libih ada kurang …

    ngam nangku tu Pat? 🙂

  4. you're special and unique in your own way! Why compare? Terima kasih kpd Yang Maha Esa kita ok. You are ok, kan? Ketawa sikit lah…you said u are hardcore laugher!

  5. Hehehehe, lucu juga. But sometime we just can't change who you are. So, terima saja lah (^_*).

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