Thank you so much!

The opening is done, and we still need your support on the recent Cahaya Bridal opened in Tanjung Aru, I woul like to say thank you to all who involved in this event, being part of Cahaya Bridal, we are very happy with your co-operation and all the hard work and sleeping debt that happen upon preparing for the event. I also want to congratulations to Cahaya Bridal and Gallery on the new opening branch in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Who want to look for special event, need better gowns, plan to married, feel free to drop by Tanjung Aru and book your gown!

As part of Pixelayer, we are very happy and relief after the opening. So, we want to convey this message to Merl as he not able to join us on the preparation for the bridal opening. He was sick and I hope he is getting better. Probably the hentai hero is not really a hero.. only.. TSM.. Tembirang Si Merl. :p Happy Working everyone.

Playing with Silhouette
Love, XOXO.. 😉

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