I am still in love with him

He appear again into my life. Finally I heard him. He has been accompany me this few days, and I really really appreciate the patient of be-with-me although I am very busy with my own task this few days. The world seems to be upside down lately and his appearance has made my life more colorful, the emptyness filled up with lots of smile and I found the empty space is filled up with life again. I know, it is not right for me to have him. But, I do have feeling especially when I need those support and ticklish moment.
It’s not I cannot stay alone or survive with my ownself, he know I’m tough as a rock and stubborn like dirt mud as well. Indeed, I’m still a girl who love to be pampered and yes, I’m still a woman. The complicated one with heart that need attention to cure the sadness of being busy and struggling to be alive because I want to be busy to forget the feeling of being lonely. Last night he smile at me, and I sleep quite late. Probably my sleeping time often change and that’s the reason I cannot sleep early anymore. I hope he will ask me to sleep with him, and dream of him everynight. Just like my first love on him.
I’m thinking of going out for a trip with him this month. Hope everything will turn okay. Dear Jesus, I love you so much. Please take care of my family and friends because I think I have neglected them quite long and I always ended answering their invitation of going out with the word busy. I’m very sorry, I could I have much time and I really really want to hang out with all of them especially my loved ones.

Kemaman Terengganu

Old picture of myself, I grab from my Flick account.. I miss them as well..

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