Beautiful Labuan Competition?

I saw this information from Fred’s Nk Blog telling that there is a photography competition organised by Petronas Methanol Labuan and open to all Malaysian but only for Labuan resident only. Well, it’s a good chances to all the photographers in Labuan. Dateline: 19th March 2010. So, you still have like 3 days to shoot.


Last week, I was in Labuan too for business trip and I did take that chance to meet new friend who love taking photos as well. They are Ezzu (my Labuan bestie), Nenn & Zap. Thanks to Nenn & Zap for being such supporting mates. *psst – they are driving the best car in Labuan..


* Can’t say much, indeed, all I know is I’m happy to share the knowledge with them. 😉 Hidup Nikon. Ahaks. Will see the Canonian tomorrow. 😀
*sharing some of the pictures taken when I was in Labuan.. 😉 The food was nice too!





2 Comments on “Beautiful Labuan Competition?

  1. Cutenya tu budak baju merah hehehe suka saya tengok dia punya mata, bulat bah.

    Note: Nice pictures.

  2. aiseyman tersharing jg sia punya blog…ehe.. kotuhadan kio…
    wah..kmu pi shooting d botanikal kan..napa kmu x masuk lg dalam2..lg byk tmpt santik tu…

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