I’m not feeling well..

Since I sold out my current laptop, everything turns upside down, after the hand over of my HP touch to his new master, that night I had an accident, yea, like a real accident. I sleep while I’m driving; I nearly hit the road lamp. Thank God, I wake up on the spot and could save my life before hitting the lamp though my rim slightly damaged just some scratch and bruises on it. After reaching home, clean up done, I heard the door was opened and what do you expect people to come as early as 2am? It was my mom and my youngest brother. He had an accident too. Injured and went to hospital for treatment, thank God he still can walk and talk like normal. However, his right arms was.. urgh.. Can’t say much. It looks bad on me.
Before and after the accident.. 😀
The next day, I have no choice but to wake early. I went for a haircut with *him. To be more specific, I had a new hair-do. It took me about 4 hours in the saloon with him. After all done, he went to fetch Zobas and I heading to the our *playground to assist Kuai. We have client to capture and we ended with smile on our faces. I’m glad that everything turns good even it was disaster the day before. I will rest from updating photos at the moment due to small issue. Will update once it solved.
*need love..xoxo..

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