Malawa Court

Sedih. 1 bulan yang lalu, my mom ask me to complain about the floor that has an empty sound underneath some of the tiles before I moved in as I am so busy to arrange with the management at Malawa Court Apartment. She keep asking on have I made the complain or not until she cannot tahan with me, she went there and ask them to proceed with the repairing work. They say, if we want it faster they had to use different tiles. My mum agree with it and hope the work can be done fast. Last week, she went to check my house, they have not doing anything and told my mom that the issue as ‘tiada apa apa ba tu’, but it we still put on concern how long could the tiles hold on with empty in it? Maybe ya lah.. now they can say ‘tiada apa apa ba tu’, but after a while or maybe few months later it’s broke, what answer that we will expect? ‘Biasalah sudah lama? Tiada apa apa ba ni kalau tidak kena kacau? I pay thousands and they expect we just accept what’s left ka? I disagree with the ‘tiada apa apa’ issue and let my mom tu make sure that they will do the job.
Tadi, I went there again face to face ask them the progress. Still nothing. So pathetic. They like delaying things and still answer me the same statement. ‘Tiada apa apa ba tu’ This is the culture that we always have and it is not a good sign. Can we just proceed to fix it rather than saying tiada apa apa? Sigh. I hope Bina Puri will look into it, if they need a proper black and white. Alright, I will do it tonight and send to them accordingly. I just hope they can understand the situation and put a little concern on it.

2 Comments on “Malawa Court

  1. Terlampau juga tu. Eeee jangan tunggu tunggu nanti jadi teruk lah pulak. Anyway, good luck k.

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