Some ask me what had happen to my posting lately? No idea to post or am I stop sharing? Well, unknown destructive creatures have attacked my life. I name them as stress, jealousy and hatred. Most people will fail to overcome this attacked. In the name of God, I believe I will get this through and start a new life no matter how many times I already start creating a new life. It is the sign of never give up to the alien name as Life. Everybody is talking about time and money nowadays. Most of them are complaining about their job. Major excuse, not enough pay. If you do not like what you doing now, quit, do something better about it. Do not ruin future with dissatisfaction feeling. This kind of feeling will not help you to earn more than what you deserved to have.

During the interview, you told them you are willing to do this, to do that and but why you keep complaining after you get the job? One of my friend told me, if I feel not happy with my job, do something else. Something else can be part time job, outdoor business strategy or consultation training if you had enough of this requirement. Frankly, I love my job, my career, though I never highlight this before. However, I also love Photography, other business that will add up my savings for the future. Well, I have put myself into one good business so far. It goes well as everybody is supporting.

You must be confused with what I have said. Well, ignore it. I am so confused at the moment.

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