FB Housekeeping

My FB full? Uhuhu.. Sedih.. me delete lah some of the friends ok? Sorry..
Msg FB
First.. I tak berapa faham.. and.. then… owh.. maybe sebab ini..
Friend request
i dont think so.. maybe yang ini juga kan??
Please accept my apology.. i have to delete some of the list.. for example those profile which under company name..

11 Comments on “FB Housekeeping

  1. OMG..Banyak juga kawan kau ni. Sampai terover hahahah. Ya terpaksa juga kau delete tu. Good luck k mana satu mahu delete :D.

  2. girl, delete ja account sa. la la la.

    word verification: snetails
    itu snake suta gigit tail dia sentili itu pasal tinggal sne- tails.

  3. ko buat fan page la.. bagus lagi.. tlampau byk peminat suda tu.. haha.. 😉

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