I’m going to hell with hands in my pocket

This is a bad sign. Call the ambulance! I received a letter to inform that I must give all my money before 01/05/2010. Is it the end of the world? Should I be panic or call 999? Or 911? Or 944? 1010? Or sms Sunyi to 32999? Hold on. Why should I give them my money? I work so hard and now I had to give them my money. This is a crime. Maybe I over reacting. Let me calm down and start all over again. All right?

All right?

The salary goes into my bank last few days. Yesterday, I received one mail from Lady Gaga, not Lady Gaga, Gaga only, he hand over some letter to me. There are small envelope, big envelope, and no envelope at all. I open those with envelope first, because those are good news (normally) and last with no envelope. What’s inside? No cash. They say, I should start paying my 1st installment for my house. What’s attack me was the amount with 4 digits. What the.

How to look for the 4 digits before 1/05/2010? It’s kinda shock but I have no choice but to sell out some of my gadgets in order to clear this thing out. Therefore, I will sell my ultimate Sony PSP original where I seldom use, PSP 3006 with 16GB memory, 2 UMD, and if there someone out there who willing to buy from me with RM1500, I would be happy and I can promise you that this PSP is under excellent condition as I only put MP3 inside it. You may start installing some games from our local store. I will update on the item in my next post. Meanwhile, please spread this.


One Comment on “I’m going to hell with hands in my pocket

  1. Aduhhhh kesian betul kau ni. Bah kalau nanti saya kasih tahu orang di KK siapa siapa yang mahu k. Sian kau.

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