It was fun, Hot and SEXY!

I keep on looking at my photos upon our successful event – Outing with Pixelayer on 18 April 2010. I know there are some ‘mata-mata’ waiting for this update and I want you to know that I just finish compiling all the photos which will be appears shortly. There are few photos and I don’t think it would be fair if I post everything here. So I pick 28 photos out of thousands for your view. Thank you to all who joined the event and for those who are not able to join on that day, do not worry, we are planning to do this outing again at another location near you in July. Clean up your gear and ready for the best laughter! πŸ˜€ Oh, perhaps workshops? Anyone? Willing to pay RM450 for 1 day workshop? Maybe RM50 for members?
The funniest, hottest and sexiest of all!
OPps! Wrong photo!!! Let us start from our starting point
Participants Arrival (Meeting point: Dewan Masyarakat, Tuaran)
Pixelayer Group Photo
From left: Jimmy, Merl, Agnes, Fanny, Beatrice, Anee, Sebastian, Nicholas, Hafiz, Ashley, Onassis, Amuzo, Bobby, Mus, ;front row: Vee, Sylvia, Diedre & Destiny and in the middle of coz u know la..
Tuaran Walk

Tuaran Walk 2

Photo hunting begin after registration, safety briefing and the introduction from all.. The sky is blue and the sun is hot but we walk together as we are not afraid of get burned.
Chen Sin Kindergarten
I study here before.. πŸ˜€ but not this white building but the old roof next to it the white building is a new one and extended one..
My destiny start here.. i mean.. I ask destiny to start pose here.. it was my idea.. She’s young and talented!

Diedre is the daring one, she owns a very nice asset and how I wish I have those too!
Old Saloon
I did ask permission before taking photos here. It’s not just candid..
He is happy with his new gear and he told me that he almost cry when see all the participants who join us..
Vee Kang
Vee.. vintage and classic with modern touch.. her hair reminds me on Roxette..
His smile owns a thousand of meaning.. and he got his own printing & camera shop at Donggongon Penampang..
Destiny 2
Again, I love my destiny.. πŸ˜€
Sometime, things are complicated.. You cannot hafal ISO, Exposure, WB in whatsoever sense! You had to understand the purpose of all the functions, why is it invented and you will find it easy to capture a scene using your camera.
Tyre Shop
Then the tyre shop suddenly catches so many customer but they didn’t took the tyres.
Owh, Nicholas, I heard he is missing his twins at the Survivor Island.. XD
Green T-Shirt
Safety first.. the green shirt must make sure all the members keep in distance..
Sylvia, she would be happier if she get the one she hold from his kind brother.. πŸ˜€
Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu, a blessing to our event. It was magical, days before was raining and rain did get us fear!
Late Bfast
The late breakfast, and sempat lagi si Sebastian p racun racun tauke kedai with his set. πŸ˜€
Pau Lady
Ngeh.. Sylvia the pau lady? Pau Ayam? Pau 4D? TAPAU? *pengsan*
Sayang Tuaran
Owh yeah, they are really professional. We are trying to shot Sayang Tuaran volume 1.
Jimmy, I thought you were trying to film me.. The Lucky boys pula..
Lucky Boys
The lucky boys..
Diedre & Mus
The sexiest & photo expert
Medan Selera Tuaran
Lunch @ Medan Selera, Tuaran
Padang Lumba Kuda
Padang Lumba Kuda, Kg. Tambalang, Tuaran
PIxelayer Mount
Eh? Pixelayer? Lolipop?
D'Dalit Transit
Transit D’Dalit for Tea Break.
Sunset HUnting
Sunset Hunting the day ended..some had to leave early so they didn’t show here.. But it only ended for the day.. I never thought that we could make another gathering after the outing on Monday evening. So bad Hafiz & Nick already gone to their worksite at Survivor Island.. Till next post? πŸ™‚ We are monitoring who will be the winner for this outing and get the green t-shirt for free! πŸ˜€ Again, thanks to our special guest too who was flying all the way from KL just for this outing. Hope to see you again in our next outing. πŸ˜€
*Who says I stop blogging? πŸ˜€ It just you who not commenting anymore..

9 Comments on “It was fun, Hot and SEXY!

  1. I wish I were there joining. You guys seem to be having fun. Nda pa, len kali. πŸ™‚

  2. I wished I was in KK to join that, however, I'm also not a photographer, but can tumpang to be an exhibit! Haha! πŸ˜›

  3. *sakit jantung pasal 1st picture*.. HOI..

    ok bulih la sa blog my version of the outing ni. tapi, mcm sama ja ni. hmm

    word verification: psyma
    “psycho mah…” lol

  4. Jipp.. next outing k.. πŸ˜‰
    Gallivanter.. πŸ˜€ can be model too! haha..
    Amuzo.. next? πŸ˜€ nanti kita bincang lagi!
    Anee.. hahah.. mari lah kita sama sama kumpul tin.. πŸ˜€
    Mell.. HOU bah.. haha.. cari gambar lain la.. hehe..

  5. Jipp.. next outing k.. ;)Gallivanter.. πŸ˜€ can be model too! haha..Amuzo.. next? πŸ˜€ nanti kita bincang lagi!Anee.. hahah.. mari lah kita sama sama kumpul tin.. :DMell.. HOU bah.. haha.. cari gambar lain la.. hehe..

  6. Very well put together Girl! Congrats. Thanks for the kind words. Look forward to the next outing. Willing to volunteer if you guys want to conduct landscape workshop. Love to all…

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