Who will be the next Unduk Ngadau?

The Crown
Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu – 2010 Crown – taken on Sodop Unduk Ngadau 21 May 2010 @ Kota Marudu, Sabah.

What is Unduk Ngadau? Unduk Ngadau is a beauty pageant or harvest festival beauty competition held in Sabah every end of May. Unduk Ngadau bring the legend of Huminodon the sacrificed daughter of Kinorohingan, the ancient guard of all the nature in Sabah who also believe to be their God long time ago. Huminodun was sacrificed to end the dry season of the people and ended the suffered years. With the legend, in the remembrance of Huminodun sacrifice, Unduk Ngadau or the girl crowned with sunlight is being held as yearly event in every harvest festival celebration.
As everyone in Kota Kinabalu busy capturing all those beauties, Sebastian and I assisting Cahaya Bridal for Kota Marudu part. It was a very tiring weekend because we just finish with wedding assignment in Kota Belud and the journey was not very motivated as we have lack of rest. You can read from my sentences also, everything mix up! Tomorrow (23/05/2010) is the final selection on who will be headed to the state with the title of Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu, and it will complete the contestant list and everyone will be puzzled who will be next Unduk Ngadau Sabah for the year of 2010? Would it be Penampang again? Or Tuaran? Or Papar again? Maybe this year go for Tambunan perhaps? Or Kota Marudu? 🙂
Backstage 3
Backstage – dresses from Cahaya Bridal

Backstage 2
Backstage – dresses from Cahaya Bridal

Backstage 1
Backstage – dresses from Cahaya Bridal

With the beauty
With the previous Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu and Cahaya Bridal Family 😉

Beauty Kiss
From left: Miss Cahaya Bridal, Miss Popular, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality and Miss Beautiful.
Group photo
Nothing but memories..

5 Comments on “Who will be the next Unduk Ngadau?

  1. sa x kena jemput :(.
    sa teda ticket :(.
    sa teda transport :(.
    sa teda kawan :(.
    sa tia kena bagitau psl ni :(.

    simply -> TSM! wakakakakak
    (jeles tapi glad Pixelayer ada cover for that nite).

  2. Wah semua pun cantik cantik kan?. Memang binggung lah tu pengadil mahu pilih hahah.

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