Lotud macam Penampang, ada EGO? – Joseph Latihin

Someone informed me about this and it happens in Facebook the most powerful network community nowadays. It is quite disappointed when somebody just said that we as Lotud talk so proud, talking like we know everything, etc. Why this happen in Sabah? I thought Sabahan have the most tolerate people? Why so racism? Read all the conversation in 5 photos below. What say you?
First conversation

Second Conversation

Another conversation after the issue reveal



For me, Lotud has the heart of warrior. We protect our culture and tradition.

5 Comments on “Lotud macam Penampang, ada EGO? – Joseph Latihin

  1. wohooo. panas! panas! hehe. more like this joseph latihin has had a bad exprience with Lotud ppl. but it's his personal opinion. ikut urg ba tu kan. dusun2 lain pun ada jg yg tembirang. 🙂

  2. apa bah ni…kerana nila setitik rusak susu sebelanga..lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama..tu tembirang tu teda kena mengena sama bangsa..itu cemana kita d besarkan kalu d ajar tembirang..tembirang la kita

  3. Somebody jealous of lotud. Mari ketawakan dia wakakakaka, huhuhuhu, hahahah, heheheheh. Booh!!.

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