Visit Cousin at Tawau

All this photos were taken in Taman Millenium Tawau. I took the afternoon flight with AirAsia and visit them. My last visit to Tawau was quite long time already, probably 3-5 years back, I can’t remember also. This time, my trip was not for Hari Raya visit, but a drop before heading to Semporna for the main purpose trip. I always like to take the opportunity to visit my relative whenever I pass down the area or going along the way. That’s why I took the early flight so I got time visit them. *If you realized, my grammar sound ridiculous tonight and I will not further up my words here* Just enjoy the photos. (Somebody, please get me a glass of water?)

Taman Millenium
I love the sky

I didn’t remember when I meet these too.. I only remember their elder brothers & sisters..

The trading mark of myself.. silhouette self..

My cousin’s cook.. so delicious!

This is Shasha

What’s happening?

Well, since my brain also not functioning well, I would like wish a Happy birthday to my good friend, Amuzo King @ Adelbert Philip.. 😉

One Comment on “Visit Cousin at Tawau

  1. Suka saya semua ni gambar. Teringat saya time kecil kecil :D. Oh.. mmmm tu masakan cousin kau, tengok saja pun boleh terliur oh.

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