Tell me where should we go?

After the rain
Should we go for a nice sandy beach?

Suddenly my life became seriously busy. NO joke. Beside World Cup, I have big crisis in my day job and everything that comes under my name in it including Japan. I had to admit, it’s not easy to build what you dream for without challenging the reality. To make it simple, let’s not think about the problem, I will manage it later with the best solution or option that comes my way. We (Pixelayer) is planning to make another Outing with Pixelayer and Friends again this coming July. However, we are not decide where to go this time. Is it possible if we plan to visit Papar this time? Suggest one place and we will make the arrangement for everyone. 😀 Tentative date will be, 18th July 2010.

Or should we go for a swim in the pool?

Do not step on the grass
Or we just walk?

Dare to jump?
Or we just jump into this?

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