Anyone miss me?


Since I’m away, it’s been a very tiring month and there are some sad story that will coming my way and I hope there will be a solution on it. Normally, God will always heard my prayer when it comes to a very important healing problems. Today, I do not think that God will help me in this way, but I hope that He have better plan for me. Maybe some break up is good for us, because people come and go in our life. There are not always be together in the end. There always not happy ending but they still live happily ever after. I have been putting my patient and it always come with a limit. The problem with me is, I have a cruel habit like whereby I do not like repeating request. I will stop when my patient across the level. Something can be wait, but some important cannot wait for you. It is a matter of time and achieved your goal and moved on. Life is always like that, if u are not fast enough then somebody will. Time will never wait for you. If your destiny say you will live in 2 years, only magical stuff may extend you live to another 3 years perhaps you can fight it. People always think this sound like a threat but less of them will thought the reality of our life. We always think that we are in the safe side but the truth is everybody is watching us. Everybody is counting on us no matter who you are no matter how many friends you have. Even a stranger will judge you from your look. When all the thinking gathered, it become stress and may turn crazy in the end. For people who believe on world is not a safe place, they often relax and be prepare what’s going to happen meanwhile achieving what’s they can do before they left earth. Today, I learn that life is simple but we make it complicated and our brain never stop thinking even in our sleep. Please ignore this post if you think it disturbing.

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