How to write your photo essay?

I saw Leanna Chong’s status today as she mention that Photo Essay is not that easy. Indeed yes. Capturing a photo is not easy as you creating a story. When you want to be a photographer, it is important for you to know the subject of your photo. For example, you take a bird photo, there must be something special about the bird right? What it’s name? Where did it come from? How is the population going on and so on. Remember my quote? Photography is art and art is infinity? A photo not only tells what we see but what’s inside it. How it reflect to our life or the environment. I might not a photography graduated but I did my own research on photography because it is my passion to learn more than what I know. Furthermore, this is what Photojournalism do. Here are some tips for you or you may take this as your assignment. šŸ™‚
1) Examine your subject before take shooting – just like drafting your essay before start compiling
2) Take a shot or a few – pointing out for aim or purpose
3) Start writing your essay – Remember that a collection of photos can make a photo essay, but a collection of photos is not consider as photo essay
4) Photo essay can be a caption, a simple essay, an article or up to a printing publication.
5) For more tips and example, visit them:
a) The Photo Essay – They tells what we see and what they see, done by several Asian Photographer
b) UNICEF photo essay – Helps United for Children all over the world
And below is my example.. Hope you understand a bit about it. šŸ™‚
Sipadan island has been nominated in one of the wonders of the world. It was once attacked by the Abu Sayyaf group. Since then, most of the people scared to go to this island especially local. For me, anywhere can be dangerous and there are no reason not to go to this beautiful place. Sabah Park is protecting this island from pollution and it is why there are no chalet or a place to stay here, only the army and the rest of Sabah park crew who stay here and take a good care of this place. I highly recommend local and other country to visit here. And please bring your underwater camera. There are magical creatures down there!

4 Comments on “How to write your photo essay?

  1. Girl, saya FAILED photo essay saya yang first. Kwang3x.
    Tapi sa bersemangat suda ni mo try buat photo essay as many times as I can to improve.

    You should see Leanna & her partner's photo essay. Quite nice actually šŸ™‚

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