Soul in the wind – it pay a life


Photo taken by me on the search of life..

Again, I neglected my blog. This time, a full of rest and rejuvenate one. I learn something in life. The previous lesson was, Time is Money. And when you out of money, you are out of time. This time, I learn that no matter how good we are in one thing there must be at least one of us are the best. Who are we to judge ourselves? And are we fair enough to judge other people? Actually I’m out of idea what to blog recently because I have spend my time on my home sweet home rearrangement.

I would like to share a story that happen to me few years back, it happens in the year 2007. I forgive them but they have left me a huge scar that still haunting me. It was my year of fresh working in a logistics department. Along the way, I met thousands of people, they are young, some are bachelor and many of them are married with beautiful and gorgeous kids. In work, I rank myself as average in networking. I’m a shy person but can draw up to the line of hilarious too. To be short, I get to know a guy. He is a good guy with a religious background and family and he was doing his studies during that time in Logistics course.

Part of being professional, we talk about work in the office, and talk about his study out of the office and also sharing the knowledge and ideas I have in order to be someone who may help him to finish his assignment. We get along very fast over the phone and help his assignment through emails and as a reward, he treat me a KFC lunch. And that was the first time we talk as a friends instead of working partner. He told me about his family and he was asking whether could help his daughter to find a job. I try to look for it but couldn’t help much as the job might not suit for her. He has an operation after a few weeks and asks whether I could help him to type in his assignment. He told me that he do not want to burden his beloved wife as she have a lot of things to do at home and hope that I could help him to type everything which he already write on the papers. After all done, I send the softcopy to his wife email, with an acknowledgement from his wife, I get a thank you from her. I thought they could be my godfather & godmother who came and teach me the way of a Christian life would do as he taught a lot of religion stuff to me.

In our religion, I have been taught that we must be good and as a human being, I try to be good and doing things right. However, the closest we are to God, our life getting tougher. We intend to get judgement like ‘She is religion but she enter the club’, ‘She went to the church, but she drink wine, what’s the point?’, ‘She prays everyday but her father and mother didn’t even went to the church every Sunday’, see the challenge? The devil will try to get us away from the truth of the God’s existence.

One fine day, while I was eating my KFC lunch with my friend I received a call from a name I set as Godfather. I start with a simple ‘Hello’ and a woman talk to me, ‘What is my relationship with Godfather’ so I told her ‘Godfather, then she shout at me and never let me explain or hear anything from me. The moment she mentions do not mess with her family, I pray to God and why I ended a friendship like this? I was so blurred and I ended her line with ‘yes’, ‘ok’ and don’t want to argue with her. At the same time, a sharp blade cut my heart off and that was the last time I talk with her. I was broken into pieces, but I didn’t cry because I told to myself, the truth is out there and God is the answer for justice. I ignore every call from them onwards. I remove the Godfather name from my list. I totally remove them from my good friend list even they have step into my life once. I received apology messages, long emails of explanations, all are misunderstanding but I have told myself that I will ignore because I have done nothing wrong and move on.

Then I read on about forgiveness verse in the bible last night. Jesus said, ““Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”” Dividing his garments among them, they cast lots. Luke 23:34 and it remind me of what happen to me long time ago. I just want to say, I forgive them and hope for other forgiveness as well. Thanks for reading and hope your life will get easier on wards and let me walk with my life in peace. Amen.

3 Comments on “Soul in the wind – it pay a life

  1. How sad. But there are times we need to move on even tho' it hurts so much. You are strong girl. Never doubt about it. *hugs*

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