Closing! – Good bye?

No it is not end yet (though most of you are doing the month end closing today right?), tomorrow is merdeka day so it is our responsible to pray for our country to move forward, give the people to stay freedom, be more peaceful and make 1Malaysia as a reality not through the drama or commercial way. If you want peace, do it in the right way, think positive, give a little hand to help those people who really need to like the orphanage, don’t send your parent to where they not belong to. If you too busy, spare sometime, one day a week with them or what’s the problem of being a kid? Most parent are typical, and we are sarcastic somehow somewhere without realizing it. I don’t say this to you but to myself as well. Say thank you and love them before it’s too late. Oh, with the Merdeka Spirit, I would like to say thank you and take good care while shopping for the incoming Raya, and be wise on spending too. Don’t let yourself get into the debts trap! Be safe be happy! 😉

*Siapa yang kahwin time merdeka tu, Happy Merdeka Wedding 😀 and I would like to wish happy birthday in advance to my beloved cousin, Carecca Dimos and also Ronald Erikson for tomorrow! 😉 Happy happy birthday cousins! Love you all! Psst, my merdeka day? I will spend time at home for photo editing. Can’t wait to post the recent wedding of Gerry & Jessica 😉

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