Wednesday: Waste-the-day if not go for movies!


It was a very tiring day, it’s not so bad at all. I manage to finish all my day job without any delay. Trying very hard to work on difficult issue and I must thank God that every things turn on so smooth today. I love my job and I really enjoy the day – i must say – September is the best month! Yesterday was a history. Yes. I thought of having a short walk after updating my blog which about the steamboat we had in Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dishes. About 3.30 pm, I intentionally want to have a short nap, but instead of short I end up sleeping up to 11pm! Consequently, I didn’t get the sunset, the groceries and the most important thing in life – Beras or you call them as Rice. I had my shower around 11.30pm and cook the instant noodle with my little brother, pity him for having a sister who didn’t wake and let him starving for dinner. I can’t blame him for not waking me up. Again, before I went to bed again, I browse for best shows. I couldn’t help myself to have a good time watching movies. I love movies as much as I do but I can’t go and watch the movies with my beloved one as every time he coming back, there were always other things to do.


What I want to share about today is rarely happen to me. I wake up very early though I back to sleep at 4am, around 6am, get ready and left home about 6.45am, send my brother to the college and reach the office about 7am. My office distance only about 10 minutes from my house without facing any traffic jam. Lucky me. Arrived with a list in my hand, thank goodness, all the list done before 5pm where I left the office happily. Around 5.15pm, I get myself clean up and heading to fetch Sebastian at the bus stop near Indah Permai shoplots then continue our journey to 1Borneo. Parked safely at 2nd Floor of 1Borneo, we went to the ticket counter and bought ourself a ticket for 7pm show “Grown Ups” star by Adam Sandler and the choices from Sebastian for 9.40pm show “Vampire Sucks” star by I’m-not-sure-who. We pay RM12 each and get a free 3 shoot of Archery games each! And, that was the first time I manage to get 10 points. 😀 I never play indoor archery before and my last time was in the year of 2002 in Sports Complex, Likas. We finish the 3 shots then we head for makan at Hong Kong but located at ground floor of 1Borneo. It’s a Chinese restaurant and the food is good but quite expensive for a person like me. 😀


Grown Ups is the best. Adam Sandler bring the story of the difference of those days when they were kids and how their kids act now and also teach the morale of winning and losing situation. You will laugh from the beginning up to the end! It is worth for your money to see this movie. After the movie end, we have half and hour for our next movie. Sebastian went to Digi centre to pay his bills and we have a free hot drink by Digi. LOL. I think, life is beautiful with all the freebies around!


Vampire Sucks was a reality sucks. Mind my words, but it was the worst movie ever. Do not let your money for this movie. You may fall asleep! We should buy Step Up 3 instead of this one. Nevermind, I still can watch Step Up 3 – 3D by tomorrow. And that was my day, the movie ended, left 1Borneo, fuel up, get home safely and still have the energy to post this blog. There must be someone who pray upon me. Thank you and may God bless you too. Hey, Thursday is coming and it’s time to get healthy again. Bad-m-in-ton! 😀


Good night everyone. Will keep posting everynight! 😉

3 Comments on “Wednesday: Waste-the-day if not go for movies!

  1. Okay will wait for Vampire Sucks to come out on Astro LOL. Usually takes a year or so. I want to watch Step Up 3D, I dun think I ever miss any Step Up movies before XD

  2. Ya.. we should go and watch Step Up 3.. they said.. it was the best step up ever.. THE BEST among all the step up story! Damn.. I'm going to watch this tonight. 😀

  3. I'm sure vampire sucks sucked because of its name and the nature of vampire itself who likes sucking. I knew it would suck because Hollywood's sucky takes at poking fun at other movies are simply the suckiest. It sucks I tell ya! 😀

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