1st Day of Raya :)

This year, I had my raya with friends instead of my relatives. I mean, the 1st day of raya. With relatives, you can always go to their house whenever you wanted but of course need to inform them first lah. I wake up at 8am this morning and had my breakfast and clean up. Mom called me around 10am and ask me to get ready but I told her that I have plan with my friends and ask whether she’s free to send me a baju kurung to my house and so she did. Thank you mum, I love you.
Around 11am, I thought of the Resident Evil – After Life [3D] starts today. I went to 1Borneo to wash and let Lynn get it done nicely and booked our ticket for 10.10pm shows. I’m not surprise that the ticket almost sold out during that time, I should booked a day earlier to get the best seat. Nevertheless, I have no option not to take the last 3 rows from the screen.
About 12pm, I drive home and get ready for my 1st raya visit. *ceh.. macam YB YB punya visit saja.. :p* Well, I dress nicely, get into my car and drive heading to City Futsal waiting for Bert, Jimmy and Wife. The clock shows 1.20pm, hot and sunny but it looks like it’s going to be rain in the late afternoon. While waiting, I look into my purse and realized that my identity card wasn’t there. OMG! I had to rush back home and searching for it. Yes, I’m a person who keep my IC in different compartment and intend to remove it from my purse. I have my purse and drive back to meet them. We reach Sue’s house in Kg. Rampayan at 2pm and start makan. 😀

girl and sue

Next house was Ezzu house at Taman Frienship, Putatan, I missed her last year Raya but I manage to attend this time. Cinta is growing fast, she can shuffle right now! Who knows she will be the future So You Think You Can Dance winner? Who knows right?


The furthest and the last for the day, Pakcik Stan’s house. We get to know each other at Nikon Basic DSLR workshop last year at Promenade Hotel and meet again on our recent outing the Portrait Train. We eat until the food looks a dangerous creature to us. The best part was, the fireworks. I love fireworks though it’s dangerous.

pakcik stan house

With stomach full and sleepy eyes, we drive back to KK around 7.30pm. Well, we have movies waiting, personally I feel sad and sorry to Merl as he had headache and couldn’t join us just now. The Resident Evil – After Life [3D] made me try to close my eyes and you intend to get dizzy if you not used to watch 3D in front row. Must get the best seat next time. It was awesome 3D movie, you should go and watch it for yourself. I will be going to Jason’s house by tomorrow and Danial too. 🙂 Did I missed anyone? 😀

rest n goSempat lagi Rest and Go.. 😀 before watch the movie.. 😀

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