2nd Day of Raya

There always be a reason why the government let us who are not celebrating the festive season to go for holiday. Of course we are responsible to visit our relatives and friends open house! Personally, I’m so grateful to have so many good friends who really value friendship, no matter how old, what they worked for, as long as they remember who we are, accept how we alive, that’s the spirit of friendship I would love to keep. They know how busy you are, and they always understand it. Thank you for being my friend and I’m sorry if some of my words are intentionally hurt your feeling or anything that may goes wrong.

I wake up at 8am, and start doing my laundry, well, I let my washing machine do it. Then make breakfast, hold on, I didn’t take my breakfast actually, I just drink a glass of water and wait my laundry done. While waiting, I clean up the house, but halfway I stop because I thought of packing my things up. Where did I go? I have one photoshoot at Putrajaya/Cyberjaya and I have an early flight to catch early in the morning the day after. Finish with my laundry, I dress up and drive to Bert’s house. This time, I sit and enjoy the road only.

Our first house, Daniel Nam’s house. I just get to know him from the Portrait Train and now we were having lunch in his house. Sedap o itu kuih lapis Sarawak! After that, we head to uncle Micheal house at Kuala Menggatal. Then I head back to KK again to take my car at Bert’s house and went to the airport to hand over the tripod from Bert to Grace for Merl. 😀 I’m thinking of going to Sulaiman’s house at Tuaran and Jason’s house at Puterajaya, Telipok but thousand apologize as I don’t have much time to visit you! *Raya kan sebulan? :D* I reach home about 6.30pm and so sleepy! I thought of lay down a few minutes but ending a few hours sleeping. I woke up at 8.50pm and quickly packed my things up.

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