Day 3 of Raya – Photo shoot at Putrajaya and Bali at night


I told you I have to wake very early to catch my flight right? Here the funny story, as I was rushing to go out from my house, I left my house key inside my room where I already locked it up! Imagine somebody who trying to broke down her own room early in morning as 4am just to get out of the house? My half awake face turn our panic in the disco. Sweating early in the morning is fine but not by trying to unlock the room door using hammer and knife. It’s a history for me. Thank God, I manage to open the door but sorry the door lock. Upon arrival, check up and had McD breakfast. And left KKIA to KLIA. Another history for me, I took KLIA express instead of KLIA transit, so, I go down to KL central, and take KLIA transit and back to Putrajaya again. I waste RM35 + 9.50 – 6.50 = RM38 just like that. Someone (looks like Indian) in the KLIA transit station ask me, am I local, so I say, yes, and then he ask me again, are you from Philippines? Huh? I’m local and in Malaysia, indeed he ask me am I from Philippines?


At Putra Central, Nixie, Henrietta and Masnah fetch me up and straight away go for photo shoot around Putrajaya, it was fun and sunny. Having lunch at Alamanda, Putrajaya and then continue photo shoot again. Around 3pm, we head to LCCT for me to catch my flight again. Not going back to KK, but heading to Bali, Indonesia. Nicole should come with me but she missed her flight and I couldn’t say much though I have already booked all the homestay for both of us. I ended doing my Bali trip alone and see if I survived or not this time. I have option to join Merl, Fanny, Roland, Danny, Grace and Husband, but since I have already arrange my own itinerary, I follow my instinct and go alone. Even my seat have no one sit next to me in the flight. Merl & Fann sit next to me after the plane exit door closed. It was cloudy and the plane a bit bumpy and I just have my sleep after a meal cost RM12. We reach Bali around 9PM. We split up after that, the rest head Ubud, I just go to Kerobokan, Kuta with taxi rp. 135,000.00 (RM50), I sleep at Dana Guesthouse, Bali, rp 168,000.00 (RM65), 45 minutes from the Airport.

Photo shoot at Putrajaya

Continue to Bali

Upon reaching Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Bali.

The self journey Begin!

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