3rd Day in Bali

Good morning Soka people
A day with Pak Made

Wake up at 8am, yes, I missed the sunrise. Ha.Ha.Ha. Never mind, I will come again next year. *crossed finger* Wash my face with the cold water from Soka Restaurant & Bungalow, pick up my tripod and head to the beach. The sky was so blue, the sea was yummy. *Hungry due to no dinner the night before*.

Rice Terrace next to Soka Indah
Rice Terrace next to Soka Indah Beach

The hills that I was talking about

It was the best vacation so far. I take a very deep breath and head to the rocky beach at my left hand side, the place where I get to know Pak Wawan. I was searching for him, but couldn’t find him, probably he went out for fishing. Lucky, Pak Tmade was there and brought me around. Not just around, from the beach, passed the rice terrace, and went uphill! No one know how I felt that time. Thank God I’m still alive and stand a change to see all this places. After a long morning walk, my stomach couldn’t stand much and craving for foods!
There should be a breakfast provided by Soka Restaurant & Bungalow, but I thought it would be great if I could taste any of the local food around the village. So I request Pak Tmade, whether their village have some Warung Makan – small outdoor restaurant. He brought me to the nearest warung and had Nasi Goreng Ayam (white rice with fried chicken), if in Malaysia, Nasi Goreng Ayam is the rice fried together with the chicken. 🙂 Time fly very fast and it’s time for me to check out from Soka. I checked out just in time. 12pm on the dot.

Nasi Goreng Ayam
Pak Tmade treat’s – Thank you so much!
Bus from Soka to Ubung
Waiting for the bus
In the bus
In the bus

Pak Tmade accompany me to the roadside and wait for Gilimanuk – Denpasar bus. This bus only cost 20,000 from Soka up to Ubung. We wait about 30minutes and got into the bus. It was full and I have to stand up about 10minutes. I seldom ride a bus so it’s fun when you travelling with bus. I reach Ubung about 2pm and charter a bemo straight to double six at Legian with 50,000. I believe you can get cheaper if you really want to. Arrived about 2.45pm and checked myself in to Tune Hotel Legian-Kuta Double six with RM69.00 per night, a room with fan and lights and hot/cold shower.

Tune Hotel Double Six
Tune Hotel

I took a cold shower and prepare myself to the Kuta beach, to meet Merl, Fanny, Roland, Danny, Grace and husband. I thought to take a walk, but I text Pak Made if he was around the area, luckily he’s only a few miles from my place so I take his ride up to Kuta. Reach Kuta, nothing much. Busy, and too crowded. Triple-B, Beach, Bikinis and Boobs everywhere. Nothing much, but beware for the hot beach boys or the gorgeous surfer. After the sunset, I walk from Kuta up to double six. Trying to reach the place even though I don’t have any map on my hand. Just follow my instinct, and by the time I want to give up, I saw the Tune Hotel signboard and again, Pak Made saw me and give me a ride from the junction up to the hotel which only 5 minute more to walk.

Kuta Beach

I reach the hotel at 8.30pm and went out again to look for some souvenir to bring back home. As I walk and look over some of the shop which still open, I didn’t realized that I reach seminyak and saw the Bintang supermarket. They sell quite a number of souvenir in bulk, I bought my stuff and head back to the hotel. Sleep at almost 12am. Tired yet hard to leave Bali.

kuta-legian at night
Legian-Kuta at Night

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