Last day in Bali and KL, hello KK!

Ngurah Rai
Goodbye Bali..

This is the reason why I dont like to waste time because in the nick of time I have to leave all my days in Bali and back to my hometown again. 4 days and 4 nights in Bali is not enough for me. How I wish I could take 1 month leave and spend a month in Bali and explore every part of Bali. I love Bali more than Singapore, but my hometown always the best place ever.
Wake up at 3am, the Tune Hotel transporter was waiting for me at 3.30am, checked out and arrived Ngurah Rai airport before Merl’s group. The airport was so silence, and I can’t see any shops or counter open. There was AirAsia counter half open but only few staff with red suit inside, probably they just about to open the counter. Not really, they close the counter after half an hour.
In Malaysia, the Air Asia counter open really early, so I don’t surprise most of the Malaysian were panic when the counter has already closed even 2 hours before the departure. I saw some of the foreigner sleeps at the airport floor and personally I love to sleep at the airport but have to bare with your own safety after all. The check-in counter open about 4.30am. Reminder: please print our your itinerary or your ticket before you check in at Bali, they want to see it on a paper.

QZ AirAsia
Safely Reach KL

The airport were hot because the air-condition was off. We had to fan ourself using anything that can produce air and waiting at departure hall. Boarding time around 05:30am, after the guest assistant collect our tickets, I saw Air Asia BUS, I entered the bus and look at people faces. Don’t panic, they only pick us up and send up the plane hub and we get up the plane safely. The hospitality in QZ8391 were great. The stewardess also so pretty! For your information, Bali and Malaysia time are same. No difference in our time. No need to change your watch. Arrive Kuala Lumpur at 8:30am, early than expected. Take our bag in luggage collection area then I head to Coffee Bean. Had 1 Black Forest Mocha (regular) with cream and 1 scone (RM15.60+Rm4.60= RM20.20) Don’t ask, I don’t like to waste money but for food anything can happen.

Day in Putrajaya
Last day in KL

While Merl’s group head to KL, I enjoy my meals and wait for Mus. Around 10am, he arrived and let me sit inside his luxury car. He brought me around Putrajaya and had his breakfast and my lunch at Nando’s Putrajaya. After that, we went to Lowyat Plaza passed the SMART tunnel. Back to the airport around 2pm and had some drinks with him at MarryBrown before check in and enter the departure hall. I left Kuala Lumpur at about 1730 hrs and reach Kota Kinabalu 2000 hrs.

Heading KK

Sebastian fetch me up on that night and we drop at Tg. Aru plaza to share on my experience and the excitement of joyful trip. Around 9pm, we left Tg. Aru and head to Padang Merdeka to catch fireworks in conjuction of Malaysia Day held in KK. Unfortunately, as we walk up to the field, all the fireworks already fired up. Boom bang and a little frustration in my heart but Bali always in my mind. Photobucket
Malaysia Day
Fireworks gone, but friendship still remain. Sebastian, Laine, Danial, Pakcik Stan and I meet up at Restaurant Seri Selera if I’m not mistaken at Kg. Air near Sedco. Share a big plate of mee goreng tuaran, nasi goreng and 2 other dishes from Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant. All cost RM89 (Beverages: RM20, Foods: RM69) for 5 persons. Average food price for KK. About 11pm, dinner done, story done, sleepy head come. Arrived home safely and sleep about 2pm. Tired and back to work the next day.

Hari Malaysia

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