Today is 2010-2010=0

I’m expecting my news feed next week will be lots photos of 24th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon.. Borneo Safari.. or maybe Pesta Gong Matunggong.. While I will be at Kg. Tampulan for our 2nd years of my beloved Daddy death anniversary.. Life is tough now.. but I’m glad to have my fiancee with me. We share every part of our life together and that’s how our love grows deeper. I hope God will not take him before me.
Last week, I went to Borneo Birds Festival on road trip together with Sebastian and Arleen. There only laughter along our journey and sweet memories to keep though it is not healthy to have fun. At Sandakan, for the first time, I saw a the giant squirrel witness together with my fiancee. I love enjoying nature with the love one. Frankly, I love a person who into nature. 🙂
Back to KK is pathetic. I have lots of assignment to catch up and tonnes of problems to solve. My fiancee just solve one of my huge problem today and I need to plan for the better future. So, November and December would be tougher for us. This is what in a relationship should do. To young girls out there, love your guys the way they are and if you love them for the sake of living only, you are wrong, but I don’t blame you because I have the feeling too long time ago when I had to take care of everything. When comes things like this, they are the one who will be there for you no matter how far are they.
Have faith, be loved, and take care of them.

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