Where am I? Dunno.

I have been busy like usual and lazy to update my precious blog. Frankly, I have no time to update and really need to boost up this time. For a million time, somebody please trust me I will never be lazy again. Cross finger! Now what? Yes, what’s the story babe?? If you dare to read on, go ahead. Bare in mind, some photos are dangerous. Do not post it without my permission or you’ll be dead! Just kidding.

PhotobucketAre you notice that I have spelling mistake in the picture?

Basically, I’m reorganizing my stuff start from my photos collection. It is painful to look for your last photos where namely DSC# or SDC# or IMG#. How I wish can simply put ‘My friends Wedding’ in the search box and the machine will look for it. Hilarious isn’t it? Well, start yours if you have not doing so, it may help you to organize your time wisely. 🙂 – Another free tips from Girllyen.com

the hidden waterfall
I’m doing my own waterfall hunting – this waterfall called Burung Anon Waterfall located at Kg. Tampulan. Telipok.

Beside photography, I also love outdoor activities, I don’t mind walk or crawling in the jungle, I don’t mind if I had to tide up on a rock and climb up the trees but if you ask me to dive Sipadan Island, I’m sorry, I have no license to dive yet. So, all divers please stay away from me! You all making me want to dive illegally! 😀

Say and Promote peace for the world.

You didn’t get it right? Well, I’m a bit confuse though. I met AJ at B2.0 Dinner Preview with Sabahan Bloggers and personally I like his style, cool and bald. He is super knowledgeable person so far that I know, or maybe I am far way back knowing what is happening around me? Most probably that is the reason. Other side of the story, I met Rob Angeles, the founder and author of Social Media Philippines. He bumped into this blog few years ago and from photography we interact each other through YM and learn from a cup of coffee to the reality of life. Unfortunately, I have been offline from YM and start connecting via FB only and so far that I know he is working in US. Thanks to Dinoza for giving us the opportunity to meet up again in Sabah and 2 weeks before the event, I turn on my YM and chat with him. I was surprised that he is in Manila, Philippines now and I felt that I really lost my own track with my friends. Hence, I am sorry if I had neglected and honestly, I am not intended to do so.

Rob Angeles – A man of every woman’s dream? Or he is dreaming he is a woman?

Found Jeff in here too. My goodness, I still remember when we met at Karamunsing long time ago and you were caught wet because of the rain that time..

Do you mind if I said, this photo can be a 3 stooges with less hair?

Preview Dinner
And so the group photo of the night. Thank you to Imperial International Hotel and the roof for this great dinner.

What’s with B2.0? To know more, see for yourself, get the experience and get the knowledge and power of blogging. 🙂 Visit Borneo Bloggers.

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