Happy Deepavali and Updates!

Sorry for being lazy, well, I had too much cheesy stuff these days and my weight *coughing*, please don’t ask. Never mind, I will have 5 hours badminton training today and I might had bone pains after that. I don’t mind if I had to die with it. Are you nuts? Of course I will not dare to die. I’m sitting down on the floor right now and thinking. What should I do today? Babagon River? Deepavali celebrate at Vita’s house? Or stay at home and waiting for the badminton time? My brain are not functioning very well these days. I have been skipping some of my important task and been screwed by my manager. It’s not a good sign you know, been screwed and stab by your own colleague are not an easy part. You are trying your best to organise everything while the nothing-to-do people are busy trying to condemn you down. Well, I believe in karma, no matter how hard you try it will bang to you back. You’ll see. 🙂
Where are the photos that I took weeks ago? You thought I’m bluffing that I have tonnes of photography stuff in a day? No, I will not say it if I don’t do it. I’m not like some people who talking craps but have nothing and end up with loneliness. Life is tough but I know it’s simple and you just have to discipline yourself to get through it. Usually people talk about work in terms of money or gaining something that pay the living. But, there is much more in it than earning living. There must be something in it which is more than mere toil or sweat.
Love, unfortunately, has become one of the most misunderstood and confused words in any language. Some see it only as desire and satisfaction. Others treat love seems synonymous with sex. Love is really like life, so varied in its expression and so rich in manipulation that one has to be fully alive in order to understand the meaning of love. Congratulations to those who getting married this year and wish you all the best of luck in future and treat a marriage is the best thing that happen in life.

Happy Wedding Day
Jester and Gloria Wedding @ Papar

Jester & Gloria
Officially Yours~
Jester & Gloria
You’ll be feed up all the years.. Get ready to put on weight.. LOL.. Congratulations!

Personal Portraiture in Tg. Aru – Lita

& May

Thank you to the supportive friends!

Kg. Nelayan
And end up with the Masters of UiTM dinner..

The B7 was cancelled off and it was the non stoppable day shooting of the month.

With the busy stuff around, I have a plan with Bicik aka Arleen to come up with a project. To know more about it. Will shout out once the blog up! 😉 We need your support and spread the love. 😀

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