1 day and a half – the rest out

On 5th of November, I should be playing outside where I end up staying at home the whole day. I am organising my playground and get ready to screw some people. You will received what you should pay off. 🙂 It is a good sign when I don’t really stress up people, but it seems I get stressed up if I left my job back. Now that I am back, ready for hell calls, you want it to be tough, I will show you tough.
I am one of the easy going person and the advantage of being me, I don’t like to stress up my worker, I love being democratic, improving the weaknesses and let them voice out what they need and what necessary action should be taken. However, there are some colleague are not co-operative this ways, they want things done, get the money, and bring you down. This is not good. Not for me, but the worker, they are not robot. This is not a revenge, but I will make you all suffer and bare in mind, this is not a threat but a treat for the rest. Working class deserved a better life. Management are more lucky because they have brain and able to control everything. A good manager will back up their people and stand out for better. Just like my manager, even he often give a shot headache to us but he know what is going on. Sometime, I felt he is screwing without investigation but who has time nowadays? If you not telling him the problem, you deserved the screwing for free.
Alright, I sound like I have huge problem in the workplace right? Well, not huge actually, there are some people I need to work off them. What actually I did on 5th November 2010? Urm.. Nothing.. There is some.. or more.. I tidy up my room.. that’s all.. And did some cooking.. and.. what else? Makes some calls, and texting some people. Hahaha. Yes. I am enjoying my luxury time at my own place. I wake up a bit early on 6 November 2010, still not in mood of going out. My mom called up about 10am and ask where am I and where am I going then ask me whether I want to go to my dad’s cousin wedding at Telipok, I had a heavy feeling but I said, okay I should go. Wedding is a wonderful event. In the meantime, Sebastian ask me the same question, so I told him that my mom will be fetching me to a wedding and he said want to follow and I called my mom to meet at wedding only because he picked me up.
It was raining cats and dogs and as we entered the hall. I saw Alexion Mairin the official photographer for the wedding, he is my childhood friend in Kg. Tampulan, and we are born in the same month too. 🙂 There are few photographers that I know, are born in September and it might sound coincidence also because I did read some of the astrology find that people who born in September are good in Art. I am proud when our own people are doing great, involved in healthy activities. I also meet a lot of relatives who I never recognize them. See how beautiful is a wedding? 

Happy Wedding Day


Ladies line up for magagong.. cool!

4.2% Alcohol.. A toast for the bride and groom..

Stella & Christopher
Congratulation Stell & Christopher 🙂

*Somehow somewhere, I miss someone..

2 Comments on “1 day and a half – the rest out

  1. eh,tuuna mami sa mangagong..hehehe..
    mcm sa ada nmpk ko jg tu tym baris amik food tp xsempat tegur..heheee..
    kazen ko yg lelaki ka prmpn? stella tu sa pnya anti muda =)

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