The Power of Short Form

I should talk about the money and the time issue but I will skip for that in my next post. Working is killing me these days, I just step into new year of 2011 but I have already outstation to a few places. Travelling is fun but quite tiring though. Let’s hear some jokes. A friend call me up with innocent voice.

(Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida ringtone playing)
Me: Hello?
Him: Hi girl..

Me: Ya.. kenapa?
Him: Ko di mana?

Me: Oh, sya di KK.
Him: Oh, bah nanti sya cari ko.

(Phone hang up and few minutes later)

Me: Hello..
Him: Mana sudah ko girl? Masih di KK?

Me: Sya di KL sudah..
Him: Huh??? Laju juga!! Apa kapal terbang ko ikut ni??

Me: Huh? Kapal terbang? Bukan jauh pun KK sama KL..
Him: Gila.. baru jak beberapa minit sya call ko tadi..KK – KL pun mau 2 jam bah..

Me: Dua jam??? Dua saat pun sya boleh sampai dari KK sampai KL la.. apa juga kalau Kedai Kopi dengan Kaki Lima??
Him: Celaka!!!@#^%*&%^*#%#$#%!)$&@

(and so he cursing me all the way.. and phone hang up) – To whom it may concern.. you made my day.. 😀

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