I’m back with new broadband

I have been missing for the last few months. I was trying to find how would I be without internet in my life. I did survive for a few weeks, but not the whole month I guess. LOL. I get the DiGi broadband with RM68 plan. My celcom, I pass to my brother so he have a little entertainment at home way in kampung. I have searching what is my resolution this year? Let’s recap the previous list.
1) Improve my time management – blog/photography (need to put into my task this year) – Obviously, I failed! 2009 post was more than 2010 post.
2) Save more money (maybe save RM500 per month in ASB) – I failed this too. Haha!
3) Sleep more – Another failed subject.
4) Exercise more, eat less – I didn’t reduce any kilo, consider fail as well?
5) Do more charity this year – The successful one, I manage to help some church activity in form of charity. Better than never.
Am I going to repeat the same resolution this year? I guess yes, and need to add some more. This time, make it real!
1) Time management – I need to improve my company business performance this year.
2) Saving and travel more places.
3) Sleep and exercise well – For the few weeks, I had lack of sleep and end up with nil exercise it’s never too late
4) Charity – I just bought 2 lucky draw ticket for the fund raising for hall building under St. John Church Tuaran
5) Buy a BlackBerry Bold 9870 for myself.
6) Visit Miri, Thailand and Philipines?
7) Target more on wedding shots this year.
8) Reduce weight!
9) Be sweet, lovable and simple everyday πŸ˜‰
Here are the some photos on my previous holiday. I really have fun with the fiancee family and enjoy the warmth feeling of having a big family. I missed the value of hugging my dad on Christmas day but I guess God want to let me see something that I have not see in my life before which called Love Is Everywhere. Thank you for keeping me alive until today and I would like to extend my gratitude to all my friends who never stop supporting my blog and always keep updated on the simple photos I took.

3-Dec-2010, Kakakapan Id Gayo Ngaran, google for more info πŸ˜€

4-Dec-2010, STSB Annual Dinner & Dance 2010

KL Trip
5-7 Dec-2010, KL Trip

Pre Wedding
12-Dec-2010, Pre Wedding Photoshoot for Milchond & Stephenny @ Mesilau

12-Dec-2010, Night at Bicik’s Place

Biscuit making
17-Dec-2010, Cookie Making

KP Mapping
18-Dec-2010, Kuala Penyu Mapping


Mesilau Kundasang
22-Dec-2010, Sandakan – Ranau – Mesilau Road Trip

23-Dec-2010, Mesilau – KK – Beaufort Road Trip

heading kk
24-Dec-2010, Beaufort – KK Road Trip

25-Dec-2010, Christmas Day at my house

26-Dec-2010, Christmas at Tenghilan & Tuaran

29-Dec-2010, Caroling at Kg. Tampulan

30-Dec-2010, Casual Christmas at my house

boxing day
31-Dec-2010, Boxing day and countdown at Sandakan
That’s all for now, will update on the other activities that you have missed here. πŸ˜€

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