The January Progress

In a blink of time, it’s almost end of the month of January 2011, though I still have the feeling like I just had the new year celebration few days ago. It is a FEW days ago and the time ticking very fast. Let me recap where I have I been this months. Will vomit some photos out in this post too. I’m afraid I do not have time to blog again in few weeks due to so many wedding and photography projects.
1st January 2011
I wake up in Sandakan at Aunt Rita’s house, had breakfast, took some photos of Arianne opening her gifts and then use aunt Rita’s car with cuzzy Nesa and go around the Sandakan Town, took some photos and back home. At night, get the chance to have porridge steamboat at mile 7 or 8? I can’t remember. Back home after dinner and sleep.


One of the temple in Sandakan

Porridge Steamboat

2nd January 2011
Wake a bit late and enjoy the sun of Sandakan. Packing up and get ready to fly. Took the last flight from Sandakan and reach KK safely.

Welcoming KK

3rd January 2011
Working as usual in KK
4th – 7th January 2011
Outstation to Labuan and manage to take few shots which I already talk about here.
8th January 2011
Attended Darrick Royce Fullmoon at Tuaran, he is my cousin and Terence Lion is his daddy. Haha.

Darrick Royce Fullmoon

Uncle uncle on Darrick’s Fullmoon

9th January 2011
Resting mode.
10-12th January 2011
Working like love.. πŸ˜€
13th January 2011
Heading to Kuala Lumpur and meet up Mustaffa Aziz and sit inside his BMW 6 series with 2 doors and 20inch rims! You are one of my crazy bro so far and he told me that Nikon is too perfect and sold his Nikon D700 and bought the Canon 5D Mark II.. Sigh.. Why don’t you just give me the Nikon D700.. LOL! After an afternoon with him, then I had my dinner at The Ship next to Lot 10 I guess, I’m sucks in geography. I am very the sorry. After the dinner, Reynold, Cikin and I went to this pasar malam near Cheras after a walk in Sungei Wang. Bought something for myself there and Cik Cikin send us back to the hotel. It was tiring.

The interior of Mus’s car

the ship
Dinner at the ship

14th – 16th January 2011
Langkawi getaway. Too much to story, lack of photos taken. The curse: I will be back to Langkawi. Stayed in Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi, had our meals at Mare Blue, Putumayo, and from the hotel itself. I enjoyed Pantain Cenang area. Thanks to my company for the free trips. Looking forward for more trips.

Touch down Langkawi

Can be found in Pantai Chenang

hawaiian night
The Hawaiian Night on our last night in Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi.

going back
The truly shoppers. Zizan. πŸ˜€

17th – 20th January 2011
Back to work as usual
21st – 23rd January 2011
Kuala Penyu, Shopping and other things. πŸ˜€
24th – 28th January 2011
Working like usual and finalize on Milchond & Stephenny wedding
28th (night) – 31st January 2011
I will be in Kuala Penyu, say Hi if you saw me there.. πŸ˜‰

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