Merantau Warrior in Labuan

I had a visit to Labuan a few weeks ago and I found a few of Sabahan’s are working in Labuan. Mostly working under oil & gas company and I also get to know Emily a cute little engineer use to work in Labuan too. Some people, they like to work in their own land, or simply say work near to their home but some of them have no opportunity to work nearer and have to fly over to other places to survive. I love a working environment like going outstation like what I have now. Working as a team is the most powerful tools in order to be successful. Working and being a bossy and acting like a boss is not my type of leadership. Commitment and democracy through one organisation are the important part of reducing stress and focusing on your goal achievement. Remember, even a family may caused a trouble, it is impossible not to happen in one organisation. To neutralize this, everyone must give and take. Motivate each other and not to condemn and let them down. Unless they have better option and move on with their own life. 🙂 For all the Sabahan’s who work out of Sabah, and will work out from the country, all the best and enjoy the journey.

Owh.. he is not working in Labuan.. :p Joey Randy Da Zombie..

The merantau warrior.. hahah.. Alvin & Rathnos..

The aham.. the cute little engineer.. eheks..

The ultimate~

Enjoying food huh..

Emily.. any problem? 😀

P/s: Bicik.. have a good health and wealth on your journey toward this May.. I’m going to miss u! — my english is bad..

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