Sometime..Life is Cruel..

There are times when you feel like this is it but in a sudden something hit you and open your eyes to make a huge decision which also gives bad impact to the community. All you want is a chance, the last one chance to make everything alright. However, the decision is just not right to the other person and where the impact produce and chaos begin. No one will hear and try to understand the situation as no such thing as one person versus a community. The counsel also try different method so the person could change the mind though it should not be the right way to counsel. During this period, enemy accumulate and no one will get the point and what the one person trying to explain. There always arms force. Here, the one person might sacrifice and there are no more of those fairy tales stories. It will ended pathetically, without justice, ended sarcastic, and hypocrisy life. Prayer and hope and no longer exist. This is might the end. The beginning of a community winning and a person will just bow and follow what they want it to be. I hope the leader of the community satisfy and enjoy the life.

life quote

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