As Raya Go On

Another Raya visit made, I went to Papar to visit Shasha’s house and then to Faizal’s house, where my understanding was these two are cousins. I get up in the morning and sleep back a few times until I get tired of sleeping (though I was not tired to lay on the bed at all) then get my chores done. At 3pm, after clean up and dressed up, I drive myself heading to Papar, the road was no jammed except the road near Giant, Papar. People still busy buying groceries for their open house I guess. Without drop anywhere, I straight went to Shasha’s house and enjoy the food. Bloody hungry and missing her so much. I can’t remember when was the last time we meet, 2008? Maybe, I can’t recall. Later that, we went to Faizal’s house, Alus was there too. She was way slim down, but still gorgeous and even younger look. Again, thank you for the invitation and more blessing upon you all. 😉

Raya Kedua
Top: Photo of Shasha and I, bottom right: Faizal’s Niece hugging Alus, Bottom left: Faizal’s Nephew with his uncle

*p/s: Due to some emergency case, I didn’t manage to go Isabella house just now.. I will cover her wedding reception on photography tomorrow… Have a good rest and..Good night. 😉

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