Tragedi Oktober – Not The Song

Finally, I have time to blog about my October. AT LEAST. Fiew~. It was a very long and short month for me. Despite of too much paper works on my table, there are few emails to read and need to reply and a lot of things to catch up. For those who just about to know me, I’m a freelance photographer, not means that I’m free to photograph you, but I’m not a full time photographer. I have my day job, 5 days a week and it is not related to any of photography line. My job are something to with logistics, yes, you hear me right, I’m an IT graduated and working in a logistics firm and doing photography as my part time job.
Oktoberfest and halloween are related, because both of them fall under the same month. However, I don’t feel like enjoying the feast or any horror stuff except Al-Hijab movie was totally awesome. Good job for a Malaysian movie. Salute! Time is gold, see what I have done this month.
1st October 2011
Waking up at Maureen’s house at Petagas, helping them packing up things and household as they moving out from the house the next day. Went to see Merl in the afternoon and visited their land in Babagon. My first time meeting his parent after a few years knowing each other. I had so much fun showering myself with the coldness of the water from Babagon River. Feel like heaven on a summer day.

Babagon River

2nd October 2011
Went to Damai to hand over the photo dvd to Steffie and had breakfast with Merl and then prepare myself for a wedding shooting at Rasa Ria Resort. It was a rush hour. Congratulations to Adeline & Edward and thanks to Frisco for the call about the photo shooting.

Edward & Adeline

3rd October 2011
Wake up early in the morning and found that my secret room floor has a crack on it. Worst, my house warranty has over. JUST IN TIME. Damn. Another story, mom called and told me to change the front tyre, worn out and seriously need attention. Whose attention? Me? No! It’s money honey. Owh well, money come and go, that’s why my love is a money proof, I don’t love a person because of their money. *Tiada Kaitan* In the same time, my youngest brother is sick and I had to bring him to the clinic for treatment before head to the office. After work, we were supposed to watch The Abduction, but I received a called that Merl’s was admited. So, the plan was cancelled and we head to visit him at SMC after took our dinner at Upperstar that night. I almost forget, I received my subway sandwich from Sue as well that night. Thank u darling Sue!
4th October 2011
Just ordinary day, had my breakfast in the office, lunch at Laut Garden Cafe and had my Rainbow Paddle Pop ice cream where I tweeted Ivonne after open it. LOL. Dinner at TJ, Tuaran. Had Mee Goreng Tuaran and Hinava. Drooling~!
5th October 2011
Nasi kuning for breakfast, McD GCB double for lunch and cook for dinner at night. Then after dinner, went to 1Borneo and meet Maureen and siblings to watch The Abduction which we decided to watch the Fright Night at first. After that, met Sebastian & Carey at Starbucks for supper up to midnight and went home after that.
6th October 2011
Kinder Bueno has a new flavour, coated with white chocolate and taste like rainbow because I don’t know how to describe it. No lunch. Dinner at home only. Watch Damping Malam with Kibot. YAY!
7th October 2011
No breakfast. Too many things need to do. Had McD again for lunch before attending our sport club meeting at Karamunsing. After meeting, went to 1Borneo and wait for the cool sibling. While waiting, I had a glass of Green Frappucino and charge my phone. Our plan was to watch Al-Hijab. We had KFC before the movie. For the first time, I feel the movie. Goosebump a bit.
8th October 2011
I’m supposed to Balik Kampung the night before, but since mummy also didn’t balik, tak jadi lagi me balik kampung. Last minute, I joined Azmier and the gang to explore Sub Stesen Sayap which go through Kota Belud route. Had our breakfast at Restauran Mee Tuaran, drop at Azmier’s friend house and head to our destination. This was my first time watching the highest waterfall in my life and get at least one lich on my feet. πŸ˜‰ Imagine, we had to walk about 870m to the waterfall and we only fill our stomach with mee tuaran. After get out from the place, it was already late noon, we drop at one of the restaurant near Petronas and had our lunch at 4pm. Not enough of the tiredness, we come up with a crazy thought of going for movie again, and I manage to bring my brother with us. What was the movie again? Owh! The Three Muskeeters. Not bad.

Sub Stesen Sayap

9th October 2011
Plan to pray at Tuaran in the morning, but ended went to St Simon at 5pm mass with Ivonne. Our plan with Sabas and Igy to watch Nasi LEmak 2.0 that night also cancelled due to ‘jejak kasih’ session at Upperstar without any intention of doing so. In the other words, it is more like reunion dinner. From a single table to three table joined together.
10th October 2011
It was hot sunny day and I feel blessed with a can of coke with lemon in the morning. And received a call from the main office that a package is waiting for me. Without second thought, I wend and took it. There you go, my nano ipod has arrived. Pink and pretty to me. Yay! I seldom use the word pretty. But the best part was, after work, I went to Maureen’s house and pigi minta puji bermake up tangah malam. LOL. Reach home then wash my face. Sayang o kan?
11th October 2011
Usual day, breakfast but no lunch. After work went to Megalong Cineplex to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0, at last. Another successful malaysian movie, big applause to Nam Wee for a very good storyline! After movie, we had our supper at Damai, had my pork mee soup, my favourite yo~ and enjoy chipping the rojak buah with them. I’m without food is like ponds without water. :p
12th October 2011
Training day for our new comer. Bring the ladies to secret recipe for lunch and bought Philipps’ Field Guide To The Birds Of Borneo. 2nd Edition. End of the story for that day. I was busy browsing the book the whole night.
13th October 2011
Second day of training day for our new comer. Had my lunch at McD, and rest at home after work.
14th October 2011
Last day training for our new comer. Bring the ladies to Dome for lunch. The other team has arrived Sandakan in the afternoon and my mind couldn’t wait to get out from the office and packing my stuff and catch my flight. Mom send me to the airport that afternoon and reach Sandakan for the Borneo Birds Festival around 9.30, delay due to the bad weather. Sampai ja SAndakan, terus pegi makan, and went to SJR and sleep.
15th October 2011
Wake up with stomach in pain, feel dizzy and vomitting. Head spinning and I almost faint. Thank God, the rest has been very supportive and help me to get some help from the pharmacy. Gastrik menyerang dan batuk kering jo. It waS terrible, tapi sempat lagi dorang ni tease kat aku waktu aku muntah kat depan kedai makan. That moment, I really cannot tahan already, sorry but I had to force Wendell to stop and get out from the car and there you go, disgusting morning. It was hard to consume any food that time. I’m so glad, the medicine works, and around 1pm, I can go for a jungle treking for bird watching and get a video of the giant flying squirrel. So happy and joy! And had a great night listening to Ben Duncan’s story and the fish taste good too!
16th October 2011
Last day of the Borneo Birds Festival 2011, less bird we found that day, but the result of the photo competition was remarkable. Congratulations to all winners and I hope I will be joining the context by next year, wait for my digiscope to arrived first. :p And thanks to Cede Prudente for the dinner at SJR that night. Not to forget the lunch we took at Sim Sim with the ladies before they left Sandakan.


17th October 2011
Back to KK, drop at Ranau for durian and had dinner at Tuaran at night. I was too tired and unable to remember what happen that day.
18th October 2011
Sick leave. Went to clinic in the morning due to stomach pain and my cough. Went home and rest but after 4pm, my head start to explode like a timing bomb. Crying in pain and thank God I was force to go to the clinic again. This time, the doctor also shock and give me another day leave due to high blood. 147/117. I didn’t feel like I had high blood, but more into depression. And it was the 3rd year of dad left us. 18th was the date he left us. Mom text me to inform that they have a rosary prayer for dad in Telipok Ria that night. Send me to Telipok Ria and then I stay there for a night.
19th October 2011
Sleep and rest. I didn’t get used to rest and sleep. I feel really bad about it. Although I enjoy watching astro channel, but if my car was there at the point of time, I would rather drive and go home. With all the suffered time, around 7pm, I’ve been picked up and send up to my house, thank God for the guardian angel you gave to me. Reach home, I clean the house and let myself sweating, and then go to sleep.
20th October 2011
Working alone. My colleague was on leave. Not much. Too weak and try to survive. Had Mi Segera Ayam Kampung. LOL. Tapi sempat juga lepak at Ah Yong Restaurant after work.
21th October 2011
Feels better and ready to capture my best friend wedding at night. Congratulations to Akmal & Suhaila!

Sue & Akmal

22th October 2011
Persandingan di antara Akmal dan Suhaila. Do I need to elaborate more? Balik kg. tampulan malam tu, and almost finish praying. Hee. Nasib sempat juga. Yang saya amat terkejut, my cat is so damn big! I thought he is too old to grow?? My goodness! They say, tuan dia membesar, tu kucing pun ikut membesar.. Adeii..

Sue & Akmal

23th October 2011
Another huge changes, my kampung soon will have a new church replacing the old one. Can’t wait for the opening ceremony. Feel like years didn’t come back. πŸ˜€ I manage to clean up my room and seriously, I’m looking forward to go back again. I have a few project in mind including painting. πŸ˜€ Starting a new life is fun!
24th October 2011
Back to work. Normal la. Nothing much.
25th October 2011
Working alone, colleague cover another colleague.
26th October 2011
Happy deepavali!! πŸ˜‰
*I know, my grammar are really bad. Ampun.

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