Almost Depressed – Data Storage Stolen!

I am losing my patient and I really want my stuff back. On the 5th of September 2012, my colleague and I decide to drop at Salut Commercial Centre KKIP to have dinner after our weekly jogging. It was aruond 7pm and normally I will park my car in front of the shop on a proper parking space before gone for food or drink at any of the shoplot. After finish dinner, my colleague and I head to our car and as I press on my car alarm, I notice that the passenger’s car window at the back of driver seat was broke and immediately thought of my bag that contain all my external hard disk that I brought to the office this morning to back up everything! With dissappointment, I call another colleague that was having dinner with me to the nearest police station to log a report on the case. The number report is MENGGATAL/007807/12 and I appreciate Kpl Rosalia for taking my report accordingly, she did mention to me that I can come and report if any information that I would like to add after the report. Frankly, all I can remember that my 4 external hard disk are inside the bag, a pocket album of Cards in which I can’t barely remember what kind of all the cards inside there. By this time, I felt that my world are upside down, thanks to my mom and family for giving me hope and my better half to support and pray for my lost. I don’t want to lose hope on it and I will never give up on this. I guess my prayer were heard, on the 10th of September 2012, I found out that my American Express have a few transaction on 5th-6th September 2012, I thought I already terminated this card years ago and I have no idea how can it be used by other person. Quickly, I called Maybank and informed them on the fraud on the card and logged another report number MENGGATAL/007971/12 and this time Konst Ismail was the person who take down my report and informed me that Sar. Richard will handle this case. 4 days later, Sar. Richard call me up that they already caught the suspected and will inform if there the status. Today, I text him and ask about it and I was dissappointed to receive his reply as ‘Tiada . .’. How I wish some bloggers out there who lives near Tuaran – Inanam have a close eyes on these external HD. Who know somebody try to sell it to you. I hope the police really work until this case closed.
To all my customer out there, please help me to keep on eye on this too. I am sorry for the trouble but I have no other option right now. All the photos/videos/original/back ups are all inside here. Especially for those who have not made their full payment.
My Poor Car

The Missing External Hard Disk

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