Preastie & Julita – Engagement – 20 October 2012

I’m back with blogging and photos update. Thanks for your understanding and patient for all this time. I know I might sound selfish to let you all waiting for all the updates and silent for a quite some time. Probably it’s time to have a personal assistant or another few hours in a day for me to get all in time. Kidding. Now I am back with blogging business, if you are hardworking, do put in a few comments at the end of my blog posts.
So where have you been Girllyen? I am still actively taking photos but my main works are videos lately. Despite of all the hardworking memories lost in my stolen external hard disk, I try to move on and here I am like a hero just coming from the battlefield to inspire those who got the same shoes as me. Last month, I attended my so called uncle but younger than my age, engagement. I seldom called him Bino. Bino is one of my mom related blood family and congratulation on his recent engagement on 20 October 2012, a day after he celebrating his birthday. He must be doing it with a purpose? Birthday and getting engage. Cool huh? 
This engagement was done at Ondong’s house, or Julieta, Bino’s official fiancee now. It took about 10 minutes drive from Bino’s house and it is located at Kg Tanjung Torong, Tuaran. I was with with my mom that day but yet I am driving for the whole day. Frankly, I just want to stop typing all this crap, my grammar was horrible and I am terribly feel awful with it. Please accept my apology if you have put so much trouble to fragment my grammar. Let’s continue about the main story. The engagement is among the family members and friends, but the crowd is like a basic wedding ceremony and I could say that it is the most happening engagement I ever been. Beside all the supporting family, Bino & Ondong have a very good group of friendship that have been studying together since high school. Probably half of the class attended the engagement and turn to be like our casual friends gathering. A rare group of friendship nowadays. Again, thanks for dropping by, I will try my best to update on what have happening surround me and I am so sorry that I could not post some of the blogs request earlier.


God bless you two! Welcome to our family Ondong! Until we meet again. 

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