5 ways to enjoy life

Hi! A few blogger and photo enthusiast have attack me for owing a lot of missing blog post. Good attack I mean, not the rude one. Well, I’m just enjoying my life now, other than enjoying my work, overcome stress with a lot of challenging weird freaky styuff out there, I manage to build a wider network by enjoying life!!! I just can’t describe much with words because I’m too happy with all the activities going on. Of course, my son and husband are two beautiful thing that happen to me. Thank God for everything.
So, what’s with the 5 ways to enjoy life? This year, I have said that I have a vision to complete, I admit that I manage to get a half of the vision done, but the rest of it I’m afraid I need to postpone it due to some obstacle going on. Well, we know our limits right? So, I choose to change the plan and enjoy living. This post would be a longer version because of the long overdue missing in action me.
1) What actually I’m doing at the moment?
I’m still have my day job, I love my career so much like I love my family. I never complain about it because I met new people everyday and I can see that I’m improving my life in term of relationship, friendship, networking and of course the value of human morality. How good you can be? Or how people can treat you better?
2) Do you still take photographs or video?
Yes! Definitely I am. I’m still taking photograph and video for event like wedding, corporate event and others. Just like the old days but I have not plan any new workshop in nearest date yet. Some did ask me about when is Pixelayer next workshop and are we still together as a team? Of course we are, family never going anywhere without their loved ones. It just that our team also busy with growing toddler and babies. Perhaps you know what I mean.
3) Why you seldom reply email and message in FB?
First of all, I would like to apology for all the message that you have sent to me. Currently I’m based in Labuan and sometime in Miri then back to KK for a while. I don’t have time read email because I don’t connected to the network all the time. Worst case is my phone battery always drain if I turn my email notification off. Like it only can last for 2 hours. Nevertheless, I’m working on to clear things off. I hope you can understand. If it’s urgent, you can whatsapp me at zero one six 8128716 number. That’s my active number. Make sure to say hello and your name first to avoid ignorance. This is for security purpose.
Ok, so that’s the top question what I always received and hope have answered it clearly. Hehe..
Come back to the title of the post, my 5 ways to enjoy life is about Fun, Family, Food, Fitness and Friendship! Hope you have a great day ahead and I see you at the comment box below.

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