5 Ways To Get Cheap Photographer & Videographer

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I know I have been quiet since the invention of Instagram & Facebook. Surprisingly, a lot of my client coming from this website. I paid this domain every year yet to utilize the blog wisely. My bad. However, I’m very thankful to get such a huge support from all over the world for keeping this blog going. So, everyone deserved a come back right? Here I am again, stand up and give myself the chance to share what happen to our photography industries as well as other trending issue going on. My target this year mainly focus on Budget stuff and Travel. Don’t hesitate to leave a few inspiring comments when you leave from the blog.

For a fresh start, well at least in the year of 2017. *Chuckles* I’m going to share some of the tips on how to get cheaper wedding photographer & videographer. It’s actually easy, you just have to ‘google’ and make some research on it.
1) Get a local photographer
It’s always cheaper to hire a photographer & videographer near to your event than somebody from more than 10km from your location. Not only cheaper, but also lower down the risk of them stuck in the traffic or any incident before they come to your event. Nevertheless, if you don’t have issue with the budget and looking forward to get your favourite photographer from the other side of the world. Go for it, get satisfied and be merry.
2) Book early
It’s common sense, if you want to get the cheaper price from your favourite photo/video team, book early to avoid disappointment. Planning for a wedding could lead to serious headache. End up breaking up and infinity problem. I have been to a wedding that the emcee have coming late and I end up being the emcee half of the event. Get the multi talented photo/video team, you will be thankful for everything.
3) Plan what you want from a photo/video part
This is important, so that you don’t get that extra charge for something that you may add on during the event later. For example, your photographer/videographer quote RM500 for a 2 hours of services, and you know that Malaysian can be very late to an event and most of the time it will drag more than what you expected. Provide some gaps or expect some delay and get the quotation right. It will reduce your headache later.
4) Ask for discount
There is no harm of asking some discount. You might get free services with the terms of give the photographer a good meals if you were lucky enough.
5) Be humble and have some lower expectation
Cheaper photo/video guys might have lack of quality from the proofessional photography who has been in this industry since the year of war. Check their work first before assuming that they could give you a quality of what you will be expecting. Not all budget photo/video work come with low quality, but please do not expect RM500 of services with the RM50000 of work.
Hope this help your headache planning your wedding or event journey. Wish me good luck on the next post. Cheers!

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