Positive Reminder From A Fish

Sometime you just need positive thought from a fish to make up your day. This is how an #independent woman survive being an optimist. #WonderMother

Don’t you feel happy when someone tell a good thought about you. I know this is only a game that probably lame for some of you. And it could be waste of you time playing such game in the age of 30s. However, there is a time where you just need to sit back and kill the time play some sweet game like this.

I’m not a gamer but I played those video games before. Well, I’m one of the Micro Genius players back then right until my dad ask me to stop playing after he noticed that I always hold my breath when playing. You know, sometime we hold our breath to focus on winning.

I did get influenced by doing good stuff after playing games. Eventually yes. For example, deciding of buying my first apartment in the 2008. I never thought of buying a house during my age of 23 years old. Thanks to Mob Wars, a multiplayer role-playing game hosted on the social networking site Facebook. It allows players to engage in Mafia-style wars with one another and has become one of the most lucrative Facebook applications and the first to net US$1M per month in revenue. I went crazy on investing property through the game. Drive me to buy an apartment with some help from my dad before he left us. That was his last gift to me when he is alive and I don’t even have time to repay him. Life. That’s how I become a strong independent woman.

So the point of my post today is, no matter what you do in life, always keep positive way to live. Be a good human. If you are a gamer, good. Play and balance your life. Wish a good weekend.



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