Life Of An Offshore Mother

I started my career in warehouse management, and through all the experiences I’ve been building a career mainly focused in Logistics area. I was a shy person but always have the skill in keeping friendship and building networks among all my colleagues and friends. This is because I believe in keeping trust and respect is the key to a success networking. Eventually I made a breakthrough and gain more confidence when dealing with people. I enjoy traveling and captured memories through my camera too.

Being part of the gas platform voice on my current role has been an unexpected career in my whole entire life. Never in my dream to work with oil and gas company, additionally, to get the opportunity to work offshore, thousand miles away from home. I dreamed to be an engineer, specifically in Civil Engineering however I only manage to hold a Diploma in Information Technology through Tele Education from our local institution called Multimedia University. My aim after completed my diploma is to work as a normal person. A normal working-class person with wage that suit my position. I’m still not an engineer now, but I’m in a position that connects all the engineers, managers, cook, bakers from onshore to offshore vice versa. Sound like I’m the air ticketing counter person, right? Similar like that.

Strength and growth come from continues effort and struggle. You cannot see rainbow everyday unless the rain come. I was devastated after the sudden death of my late father in 2008. I almost got myself loss a job. A position that could destroy my entire career in 2009. Thank God I step back, get up and became a stronger person now. So, no matter what comes after you, there will be something better waiting if you hold and spread out your strongest wings. Every hard time in my life has shaped me into the best person I am today. Here cheers to the all who come here and read my blogs other craps. It’s an expression blog.

Hugs & Kisses,

Veralyn Marcie


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*Last updated 15/1/2020.


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